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The Best SUVs We Have Had At The Unit

2 December 2022

The Best SUVs At Auto Export!

In this blog, we wanted to discuss all of the best SUVs that we have had at our unit. Over our time we have had some incredible showstoppers so it would be hard to decipher through them all. This is why we have decided to only talk about the latest versions of SUVs we have had. This works in unison with our objective as the most contemporary vehicles are the most impressive, we have gathered to know. Why SUVs? Well, over the past year we have noticed an aggressive increase in the manufacturing and distribution of SUVs all over the world. Meaning that through our reports and sales, SUVs are the most popular vehicle, as of now. 

2022 Land Rover Range Rover


2022 blacked out land rover range rover

Starting off this blog strong with the 2022 Range Rover Autobiography. For those of you that read this blog, you will know that I spoke

2022 land rover range rover blacked out rear end about the 2022 Range Rover when its redesign/concept had only just been released to audiences. We have now seen plenty of these vehicles in different specs and models (sport, velar, Evoque, discovery, etc.). However, nothing could beat that feeling when the 2022 Range Rover First Edition was transported through our gates. The exterior colour in Charente Grey with the shadow exterior pack worked in harmony with each other. Although, I would say that when the sun hit the car in the perfect position the colour could shine a tone of brown. Which is absolutely beautiful. Accompanying this are the rear privacy glass and blacked-out 10-spoke alloys. This vehicle had the highest spec you could get on a Range Rover too. Every single optional extra you could add on was added on. Rear-seat entertainment, front-centre console refrigerator, panoramic sun-roof, technology pack (which has clear sight interior rearview mirror, wireless device charging with phone signal booster, domestic plug socket, and head-up display), versatile loadspace floor, four-zone climate control, cabin air-purification pro, electric rear-side window sunblinds, park assist, and deployable side-steps. These are just the optional extras that we can add on, the standard features that come with the redesigned Range Rover are impressive enough. A lot of the standard driver assistance features are what can make this car stand out from its predecessor. You have emergency braking, blind-spot assist, 3D surround camera, adaptive cruise control with steering assist, driver condition response, lane keep assist, front and rear parking aid, rear collision and traffic monitor, traffic sign recognition and adaptive speed limiter, and occupant protection assist. 2022 Land Rover Range Rover interior steering wheel and infotainment screen  

2022 land rover range rover interior gear selector


All of these features equal an impressive car on paper. However, how are they in real life? Well, we tried and tested them and we can see the sheer quality, time, and effort put into them. The driveability of the car is also impressive. You drive smoothly over the road, it has power, and a long range and you also can’t hear anything from the outside due to the noise cancelling technology. Overall, this beast of a car is up there with the elite that we have had at the uni. If only Land Rover’s were reliable!!




2022 BMW iX

2022 BMW iX Black crystal rear end 2022 BMW iX Black Crystal exterior shot2022 has been an incredible year for cars – despite the circumstances. BMW particularly has shown us what lengths they are willing to go to, to create innovative and beautifully designed cars. The BMW iX has revolutionised the EV community since its birth. The vehicle itself has been manufactured using green power across the board. BMW sources aluminium that has been produced using power from solar energy plants. What we love the most about this is that a large amount of secondary aluminium and reused plastic contribute to the production of the iX. BMW is really showing other brands how we can move to a greener future in the automotive industry. They introduced a feature called ‘regenerative braking. Included in this, you have 4 different modes. You can select whether you want to have low, medium, high etc regenerative braking. This feature essentially enables one-pedal driving as all the braking that happens is when you lift off of the accelerator. Whilst in regenerative braking mode you can actually recover low amounts of energy and place it back into the battery. Another innovative and green way feature to include in your electric car. Not that your car may need to pump energy back into its battery as the iX’s battery range from a full charge is 300-370 miles. One of the most impressive ranges so far. 

2022 BMW iX Black Crystal interior shot of wheel Not only did BMW smash the ball out of the park with green energy they also proved what electrical performance is capable of.  With the xDrive40 model being able to go from 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds and the XDrive50 doing it in 4.6 seconds, you’re guaranteed a thrill in this EV. Even from our first encounter with the BMW iX, we loved it. 

2022 BMW iX black crystal interior shot of crystal buttons

Now we have tried and tested different iXs multiple times, we have really come to terms with how the driving experience actually is. When pressing the accelerator you immediately feel the power coming from the iX, this will be because of the 326hp. It’s spacious and stylish and the technology from the new iDrive 8 system really pushes this SUV into the elites. To top this all off, BMW had Hans Zimmer compose an iconic electric sound system.  Overall, the iX is fully deserving of being in our top-tier SUV category.





2022 Bentley Bentayga

2022 Bentley Bentayga exterior colour in red 2022 Bentley Bentayga black interior with red out stitch 2022 Bentley Bentayga black interior with red out stitch Bentley is very traditional by nature. That’s why nothing can compare to the Bentayga range. The sheer artistry that goes into the design and manufacturing process of Bentaygas is why they stand out. This vehicle is something that the company has taken its time with creating to try and produce something that is ever-lasting. 

2022 Bentley Bentayga exterior colour in red and view from the rear

Bentley has made a prestigious brand for itself, meaning that the name alone can sell the vehicle. Therefore, the power, comfortability, stylistic features, and materials are all an addition at this point. Quality is a major selling point for Bentley. You can see this more so from the interior of the Bentayga. Hand-stitched leather and veneers, the feel of the materials, a combination between physical buttons and innovative touchscreen tech. All elements to create a show-stopping car. Even the air vents and analogue clock in the centre of the car resemble the Bentley Flying B. The merging of Bentley’s traditions and history with contemporary design and features is Bentayga’s unique selling point. 




2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach exterior in black exterior shot 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach interior mahoganny brown/macchiato beige steering wheel 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach mahoganny brown/macchiato beige rear seat entertainment Would this blog even be worth reading if we hadn’t included the greatest SUV of all time (not just in our own unit)? With £150,000-£200,000+ worth of pure luxury. The Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach offers an exclusive experience like no other. Other SUVs have been basing their design around the Maybach ever since its release. The Maybach has been created with a first-class cabin experience at the forefront of design. This vehicle is a beauty to drive, but where you want to position yourself is in the rear-seat cabin. With the four-seater first-class cabin you are surrounded by ambient lighting throughout the vehicle and illuminating the roof liner, MBUX removable rear tablet with 7-inch screen and camera function, electrically controlled reclining seats with footrests, heated and cooling seats, charging ports, champagne cup holders with a cooling centre console refrigerator, you are able to control the climate and the panoramic sunroof from the backseat – giving passengers ultimate control. You can also have rear-seat entertainment in the back, meaning TVs and headphones to enhance your journey when travelling. All in all, there are not many limitations to what you can do in the rear seats and with a combination of its driving capabilities such as the suspension and off-roading ability this car is of utmost supremacy in the automotive industry. 



2022 BMW X7 Facelift

 If you haven’t watched our First Look YouTube video on the new shape BMW X7 then what have you been doing? Take a look before reading further. 

As you can see there are plenty of features that we absolutely adore about this car. You can notice the changes compared to its predecessor. The ongoing changes that the design team are making are crucial to the advancement of BMW, and the work that they have been putting in shows the quality and innovative design of the vehicle. A highlight for us is the cockpit. The use of contemporary and advanced technology but support through elegant and modern design makes the X7 stand out from its competition. What has pushed the X7 into the elites for us is the inclusion of the new BMW Curved Display. We first saw this in the BMW iX, and to bring this feature into an already magical SUV, really boosts its rankings. The X7 and arrow light bar on the passenger side adds an aesthetic like never before. With the bonus of being able to change its colour of it through the ambient lighting feature. With lots of storage and lots of power, how can you go wrong? We would even argue that the X7 holds second place in this SUV table. 




2022 Audi RSQ8

2022 Audi RSQ8 front exterior silver and black grille

Audi AG (2021)

2022 Audi RSQ8 interior with the latest infotainment screen and ambient lighting

Audi AG (2021)

Our penultimate contender is the Audi RS Q8. 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, 600hp, and 800Nm. Need we say more? This vehicle has the Lamborghini Urus engine, but for half the price. Why wouldn’t you want to own this car? This vehicle is of course a contender on our table. It’s powerful and dynamic. One look at the impressive exterior and you are guaranteed to fall in love. Closely by becoming obsessed when you hear the dual branch exhaust tailpipes grumble and pop once you rev in sports mode. It is deeply impressive, from its powertrain transmission and response time to its spacious rear and front cabins. Once you put your foot down on the accelerator you feel the instant g-force. You’re taken back by the sheer power and it is truly breathtaking. It’s shocking that you feel so much power, as it weighs 300kg more than the R S6. Everything about it feels expensive and well thought out. The basic pricing for an RS Q8 is £103,750. But with the likes of its competitors being the Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Cayenne Turbo Coupe, it’s a perfectly acceptable price. 

2022 Audi RSQ8 exterior in green, rear end shot

Audi AG (2021)

2022 Audi RSQ8 exterior in green, alloy wheels with red calipers

Audi AG (2021)

Whilst the interior of the RS Q8 may stun your eyes at first, there isn’t that much actually going on behind the scenes. There are multiple screens but not a lot that you can actually do. Companies like Mercedes and BMW are consistently showing us new features and elements that they have been working on and the RS Q8 just falls short of it. I want there to be more ambient lighting, driver and passenger features such as massage seats, and control of doors and boot from the centre console…. Anything! This is an incredibly impressive car in terms of performance, and exterior and interior design. However, it needs more technological elements/features.  





2022 Porsche Cayenne

2022 Porsche Cayenne SUV exterior in crayon 2022 Porsche Cayenne SUV exterior in crayon, rear end shot The Porsche Cayenne SUV has undeniably earned its space on our top-ranking SUV list. With the addition of owning an E-Hybrid model too, owning this car also makes a difference in the environmental crisis. The hybrid technology that has been included in this vehicle has been developed on the race track. Porsche wanted to create a vehicle that had enough space for a whole family but still had impressive fuel efficiency, and we believe that they have achieved that goal. The Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid is the perfect blend between efficiency and relentless power. With the Cayenne, there are lots of model options available. Whilst Porsche has tried to be environmentally friendly, it’s hard to make a two-tonne performance SUV green in any way. 

Porsche really sells itself when it comes to interior design. The Porsche badge alone is enough to make you want to buy this vehicle. However, they do not let that stop them from their creative capability. We have seen the upgrades that Porsche has been working on – like in the interior of the Taycan and 911. The Cayenne SUV shows how this vehicle stands out from its sister vehicles.  This SUV has plenty of space for your whole family and the latest innovative tech such as parking assist, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, ambient lighting, driver memory package, massage seat function, head-up display, Porsche tracking system and much, much more. 

2022 Porsche Cayenne SUV exterior in crayon, optional extra black alloys with yellow calipers

2022 Porsche Cayenne SUV interior. Red and Black Leather

Porsche has always been a brand to discuss when it comes to performance. With their Panamera, 911s, 718s, Taycans, and 918 Spyders… why shouldn’t the Cayenne be fast? This vehicle can travel up to 152 mph, which is pretty impressive considering its almost two tonnes of metal. The SUV can do 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds and with its maximum torque being 450Nm, you’re bound to be impressed with the feel of this car.

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We hope you have enjoyed our blog post and gained insight into what SUVs we believe are the best ranking out of the ones we have had at our unit here. If you like the sound of some of the vehicles we have spoken about today then please head over to our CONTACT PAGE or equally CLICK HERE and we can source and export the latest models for an incredible price. If you want to read more blogs like this one then head over to our NEWS page. Where we talk about the latest drops on cars, concept cars and more! Thank you for reading.


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