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We’ve accumulated some common questions below, please feel free to contact us if you can’t find what your looking for.

  • How do I buy a car that AutoExport has advertised?
  • Firstly, give us a call or send an e-mail. We will run you through our terms of business and the range of payment options available.

  • Are there any checks carried out on the car prior to delivery?
  • Yes. We secure the car at our showroom HQ and give it a full inspection to ensure there is no damage and the car received is to the correct specification. Images of the car are then sent to the client with matching chassis numbers to confirm the car is delivered.

  • What shipping line do you use?
  • We have relationships with all of the major shipping lines giving us access to the best rates and services. References available on request.

  • How would my car be delivered to port?
  • We use a reputable logistics company to deliver our cars to port. Cars are not driven unless agreed with the customer.

  • Can AutoExport arrange for the transport and shipping?
  • Yes – part of the service that we offer is inland transport and shipping to your port of choice anywhere in the world.

  • Do you do own off exports?
  • We entertain any enquiry sent our way. Your details will be kept on record, if you did wish to purchase another vehicle.

  • What do the AutoExport prices include?
  • The price quoted to you will be what you pay for the car, if it is to be exported outside of the EEC.  Some customers request ‘Ex-Works’ from the UK, which does not include any transport or shipping. Or we can offer FOB or CIF as needed.

  • What are CIF and FOB prices?
  • CIF stands for (Cost+Insurance+Freight) it covers freight, port to port insurance and other costs of freight. FOB price stands for (Free on board price); it means that the price does not include insurance,  or freight and inspection charges.

  • How is the shipment arranged?
  • Upon receipt of your payment, we will arrange booking of your vehicle for shipping on the next available vessel. All shipping documents will be first sent by email and then sent by courier to you, after the vessel sails. This is to ensure your documents will arrive before the ship arrives at your selected port.

  • What documentation do you require from me?
  • a. Consignee Name

    b. Consignee Address

    c. Full contact information such as Contact No., Fax No., etc.

    d. If the consignee and the purchaser are different than please let us know.

    Please provide us with the above information in order to make sure that all the shipping documentation is correctly prepared before the shipment

  • Can I request a vehicle you haven’t advertised as stock?
  • If you want to purchase a vehicle which is not listed in our recent exports or on our site, then you can email us at exports@autoexport.co.uk.

    Or you can configure the car using our configurator on our website and this enquiry will be sent directly to our sales team who will then follow it up.  We will then check with our network of car dealers across the UK ensuring we obtain very competitive prices for the car we are looking for.

  • Can I visit your company HQ?
  • We often have clients visit our company premises. If you contact us prior to your visit, we can arrange for a meeting with our sales director and CEO with a tour of our facilities.

  • Do you have any offices/partners around the world?
  • We currently have 2 offices based in the UK.  We work closely with exporters around the world, who can assist also with any export enquiries you may have to specific countries.

  • What are your office hours?
  • Our Office hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. But our sales staff can respond to enquiries outside of office hours if they are able to.

  • Where We Export To
  • We can export to any country where there is a legal law to import vehicles from the UK.


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