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As AutoExport have extensive experience with shipping internationally, we have developed strong logistical relationships and a detailed understanding of importing cars as well as exporting. Being based in the UK, we can handle your Customs, VAT & Import Duty UK Documentation for you with ease. The paperwork and port checks, insurance and tax implications of moving vehicles internationally can be overwhelming, let our expert sales team remove the hassle for you.  

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A Private Import is the most common type of car import for a purchase outside of the EC for private use. As above but the vehicle is being imported by a VAT registered trader. Required documents are bill of sale, a copy certificate of title and VAT number.Vehicle(s) may gain tax relief should the importer fulfil certain criteria, namely the importer has lived outside of the EC for over 1 continuous year and the vehicle has been owned and used by the importer for over 6 months. A vehicle may enter the EC for a period of up to 6 months tax free on a Temporary import, generally for an importer travelling the EC in their vehicle, then returning with it outside of the ECFor a UK registered vehicle returning to the EC without changing ownership.