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The New 2022 Range Rover

31 January 2022

The New 2022 Range Rover




Range Rover and Land Rover has stunned audiences with the new 2022 Range Rover being revealed. Its futuresque redesign through its reductive nature adds to its modernity and new body. But not to panic, Land Rover has still maintained Range Rover’s rich bloodline and fundamental features. Now before we get into the specifications that truly set the new Range Rover apart from other SUVs being produced right now the most important question lingers…… and I’ll give you one guess as to what it is. 



Did you guess? Well if you thought ‘What is the price of the new 2022 Range Rover?’ you would be correct. Wait no further. The starting price in the UK sits at £94,400.00 and ranges to £120,000.00 depending on any features/add-ons you decide. So unless you’re a winner of the national lottery, who wants to be a millionaire, OR just going through a midlife crisis you may not be able to cash-in-hand this one. If you’re an average person like you and me, I suggest going for the cost-effective finance option – like everything else in this world. It is something to get your hands on, however, as this will be the last Range Rover to be sold as petrol or diesel engines and the first to be sold as fully electric. Making it the first of its kind, a truly life-changing event for Land Rover. This also answers the second most important question regarding the production of cars in 2022…. ‘Is the new 2022 Range Rover electric?’ Now that the most important questions are out of the way, it’s time to pick apart and discuss WHY Range Rovers are so expensive and how this one is set apart from its predecessor. 

Engine, Power, and Performance

For an electric SUV I’d say that 0-60mph in 8 seconds is impressive, however, Range Rover has upped this by getting their new Range from 0 to 60mph in 6.5 seconds and with max speeds of 135mph (top speed of 87mph when in full EV mode). For a vehicle with an impressive maximum towing weight of 3,500kg, it’s set to amaze with its 2022 debut. The new plug-in Hybrid optimises efficiency and performance for all-electric, zero-emissions driving. With the vehicle being able to travel up to 62 miles on EV Range, with only 60 minutes charging time when charging on rapid public chargers. The home charging time is still a minuscule 5 hours on a wall box. 

2022 Range Rover Charging Port

2022 Range Rover Exterior Design

Land Rover wanted the new Range to follow reductionist aesthetics. As a result, a lot of the features are hidden or used via sensor/touchscreen. The towbar is electrically deployed from the car so that it isn’t visible when it’s not needed. This towbar is an advanced tow and hitch assist with its own trailer stability control. Helping to calm the driver’s nerves when towing as it feels and is a lot safer. Another feature that has impressed the reviewer is the ‘wading’ feature. It uses sensors in the door mirrors to let you know when water levels are approaching the vehicle’s maximum depth. Taking the vehicle back to its organic and adventurous roots. Another technological aspect added to this feature is the control system that is able to provide real-time information for greater awareness in low visibility. Showcasing the new high-tech abilities of the premium SUV. 


There are also options for a panoramic roof. This bathes the Range Rover in natural light. Perfect for daydreaming out of the window, taking selfies, and playing ‘eye-spy (all of these as a passenger of course). 



2022 Range Rover Interior Design

The first thing you notice about the interior design is the intuitive approach to relevant technology. Range Rover has introduced it’s very own infotainment system called PIVI PRO. Its curving floating glass with haptic controls infuses the car with the feeling of futuristic magic technology. To keep up to date with contemporary aesthetics and data it’s important to include over-the-air software updates alongside the newly designed fast start-up interface. Built into the PIVI Pro you can have wireless Apple CarPlay or equally wireless Android Auto. However, Alexa is already built-in and has the following features: 

  1. Ask to play music
  2. Place Calls
  3. Listen to Audiobooks
  4. Hear the news
  5. Check the weather
  6. Control smart home devices 
  7. Get Directions 
  8. Find Parking

Range Rover 2022 Interior design

This all-new intelligent system uses artificial intelligence to satisfy the customers every want and need. Including live traffic information with 2D and 3D automatic updates. Another eye-catching feature of the interior is the seats. Made from a range of graded leathers or you can choose it to be made from sustainable materials such as Kvadrat and Ultrafabrics. The seats also include a ‘hot stone’ massage feature – something similar to what the Mercedes s500 has. Along with heated armrests. Placed into the headrests are speakers that create quiet zones and are combined with acoustic laminated glass for a peaceful haven from the outside world. The noise cancellation feature in the new 2022 Range Rover is a feature that has really set it apart from its predecessor and from other cars. Very impressive contemporary technology. Another element that has the wow factor is the ‘Air purification’. It uses optimal PM2.5 filtration and nanoe technology to reduce odours, bacteria, and allergens. This feature also has CO2 management by monitoring levels inside this is useful as this enhances wellness and alertness. A lot of contemporary high-tech cars are separating their climate control, the majority of back seat passengers are able to control their own temperature and airflow systems. Range Rover has also kept this element for their SUV, calling it the ‘Four Zone Climate Control’, having separate controls for each passenger and being able to set personalised intensity settings. 

The sound system is meant to be a lifelike reproduction of sound and I do not expect anything less from Range Rover. Using subwoofer 34 speakers, it creates an immersive sound experience in each seat through Meridian Trifield 3D technology. With cabin lighting to add to the overall ambiance. The new Range Rover also has wireless device charging but a step further than that is you can have Wifi and SIM packs for your car, which allows multiple devices to connect to it. There’s also driver assistance which has options to make driving and even parking and manoeuvres easier for the driver as trying to reverse round a corner in a long-based 7 seater Range SUV may prove difficult on your own. Lastly, there is a traditional refrigerator compartment, allowing up to 4 large bottles to be placed inside and kept at a cold temperature. Completing the luxurious feel to this new 2022 Range Rover. 



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