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Mercedes Benz AMG S 63 E- Most Powerful S Class of all time

11 August 2023


The S class has always been the selection for top of the line Mercedes models however they’ve really upped their game with the latest production of the luxurious new AMG S 63 E. This is the first ever hybrid AMG S class to be introduced. Combining the signature elegance of the S class with the power and efficiency of electrification, the S 63 E is sure to turn heads!



Side by side with an ordinary S class there are a few slight differences that highlight the sporty and performance-based nature of this AMG model. In terms of the exterior design subtle changes have been made to offer a more aggressive look while still keeping the appearance of luxury and elegance that the S class offers. Up front, you get an AMG-specific grille design with vertical slats that sets it apart from standard S class models along with a deeper front bumper with larger air intakes. At the rear end you’ll find the usual array of AMG’s unique badging and as part of the signature design this vehicle is also equipped with 21 inch AMG forged wheels.


As stunning as this sedan is, there’s more to this masterpiece that meets the eye. Step inside and you’re welcomed into a space of luxury and comfort. The interior radiates an aura of refinement, with every detail carefully designed to delight your sense of touch.  The first thing to catch our eye is the beautiful AMG sport steering wheel, specially embedded with metallic paddle shifters allowing for more precise gear change and it also includes an AMG-specific drive mode selector, with additional controls for customisable performance settings letting the driver tailor the driving dynamics to their preference with ease.  As part of the exclusive package the headrests of the leather upholsteries are imprinted with the stunning AMG crest as well as the fine AMG stitching within.s you settle into the luxurious Nappa leather seats, your attention is captivated by a collection of digital screens, poised to fulfill your every command. The high-resolution touchscreen puts control at your fingertips, managing navigation, infotainment, and climate settings with ease. Voice recognition technology takes this a step further, allowing you too effortlessly command the car. The Burmester sound system has to be one of our favourite features about this car, it uses advanced technologies and strategically positioned speakers to create a 3D sound like environment creating an immersive unmatched auditory experience in your very own car. The augmented reality heads up display, projecting key information onto the windshield is another additional characteristic sure to appeal customers. Speed, directions and safety alerts seamlessly merge with the road ahead keeping you informed without distractions.


Engine Spec:

The key focus of this particular S class would have to be its performance. It’s said to be the most powerful S class of all time and it’s no wonder with the power and torque peaking at a whopping 792 bhp. The vehicle exhibits an electrically enhanced 4.0l V8 engine that sits at the front as part of a plug-in hybrid system and an electric motor found on the rear end. When it comes to top speed the S 63 E pushes all boundaries letting you experience pure exhilaration. With a governed top speed of 180mph, this luxury sedan is sure to take the lead on the roads! Not only does it excel with top speed it also dominates in terms of its acceleration capabilities. Due to its hybrid powertrain, it can launch from 0-60 mph in only 3.3 seconds. What a dream!     


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