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Bentley Bentayga Hybrid S Review

26 May 2022

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid S

Bentley has stated that the Bentayga Hybrid brings endless serenity and sustainable mobility to the powerful Bentayga range. It has been created in an entirely carbon-neutral workshop. The Hybrid S model is the most progressive and advanced plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to have the Bentley badge. Bentley has said that by 2026 their vehicle range will consist of hybrids and EVs and they predict that by 2030 that all of their new cars will be fully electric. Which is an astonishing and powerful move for the future of Bentley! The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid S’s price (UK) starts at around £155,000. With newer and more upgraded models such as the Mulliner Bentayga Hybrid starting from £171,000 and a higher spec version starting from £180,460. 


The Bentayga Hybrid has a number of exclusive Connected Car features that add control and confidence to your journey. My Battery Charge tool allows you to intelligently manage and schedule charging via the My Bentley app. This lets you input your time of departure so that the highest level of charge can be achieved before you set out on your journey/need it. The E-Charging service enables you to search and discover the nearest charging stations near you. My Cabin Comfort allows you to control the air conditioning and systems remotely. We feel this is a useful feature as it lets you step into the perfect cabin environment regardless of the weather outside. My Car Statistics helps to provide detailed trip statistics via the My Bentley App. This will show your average fuel consumption, electric energy consumption, and your remaining all-electric range. These can help to plan ahead, make any necessary changes/stops to charge or fill up and check the overall health of your Bentayga before driving. The Bentley Rear Entertainment System features two high-definition 10.1” screens and offers rear passengers even greater levels of entertainment and immersion. 


Powered by an innovative electric motor and a 3.0-litre V6 combustion engine. Making the Bentley Bentayga a powerful V6 Hybrid. This dynamic partnership means that the Bentayga Hybrid can intelligently choose the most appropriate power source in response to the demands of your journey. Every opportunity to rely solely on the electric motor is capitalised on, ensuring that you create minimal emissions on every drive. The EV mode is only powerful enough to travel up to 80mph, however, if you keep tactically pressing your accelerator then the V6 engine will start up and you can begin to use that. If you start to slow down then the Bentayga will automatically go back to EV mode if there is enough battery left. 

Bentley Bentayga Hybris S Specification

  1. Max Speed – 158mph
  2. 0-62mph – 5.2 seconds 
  3. Max Power – 443bhp
  4. Max Torque – 700Nm
  5. Range – With a 75-litre of fuel and the battery fully charged the Bentayga is capable of 431 miles. 
    1. In EV mode the car is capable of doing 25 full miles. 

Drives Modes

There is the all-electric EV Drive Mode which is optimised for short journeys and city driving. Hold Mode which is designed to preserve battery charge and Hybrid Mode, letting you maximise sustainability even on longer journeys. It works with an intelligent navigation system to prioritise the use of the E Motor wherever possible. Wherever you’re going the Bentayga Hybrid automatically starts in EV Drive Mode. You can also choose between 4 different driving modes for the suspension, steering, throttle map, and so on, the older Bentayga also had this option and each one is designed to help you when driving in different terrain. If you set your destination on your sat-nav then your Bentley Bentayga Hybrid will use hybrid mode and GPS data to juggle electric and combustion power throughout your whole journey. Your battery will run out of charge when you’ve reached your destination so it doesn’t disrupt your journey. Another feature that is worth mentioning in this section is the haptic feedback. The Accelerator pedal offers haptic feedback to the driver to let them know exactly when the V6 combustion engine is employed. 

In comparison to Bentley’s competition, the hybrid system in place isn’t as impressive as it wasn’t impressive in the original Bentley hybrid model and they haven’t really changed anything. With the advanced technological progression that is happening you’d think that companies would take this to their advantage. 

To help with preventing accidents Bentley has included the following assistive features. 

  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • Night vision 
  • Forward collision warning system
  • Lane-departure warning 
  • Lane-keeping assistance 
  • Rear-cross traffic warning 
  • Traffic sign recognition 
  • Blind-spot warning 
  • Automatic emergency braking 


Bentley believes that no two Bentleys are the same. There is an unlimited combination of paint colours, wheels, hides, veneers, and so much more. So with so many choices available to each customer, we believe that they could actually be right. The detailed cabin shows how much detail Bentley put into each and every car. Running your hand across the seats and the sides of the doors you can feel each sculpted shape. We really like the 3D diamond shapes that have been included in the doors, adding just that little bit more character to the vehicle. They have also included their unique front bumper design that incorporates a carbon fibre blade, carbon fibre sills and a rear spoiler. What strikes you the most about the car is the vibrant and infamous Bentley crystal-cut glassware LED Matrix headlights. This adds so much to the overall effect of the car and gives the vehicle an even more premium feel to it. 

You can’t really tell the hybrid model’s from the other Bentayga models from afar. The only thing different is the small hybrid badges hidden on the vehicle. Which is a good thing if you want your Bentley Bentayga to look like its sister models. The most noticeable difference when driving will be the weight of the car. Weighing 200kg more than the rest of the range. The vehicle is spacious, however. With 484-litres of boot space, which is big enough for a variety of suitcases. The S model includes exclusive 22” alloys, a sports exhaust and black exterior highlights. 


Close up shot of control panel behind steering wheel in bentley bentayga hybrid s showing the battery, fuel and vehicle health levels

USB-C Ports and Wireless charging are now a standard in contemporary vehicles and it’s only right that the Bentayga has done the same. This feature is seen as a necessity in the contemporary digital world and to not have this in your car is like shooting yourself in the foot these days.

Close up of bentley bentayga hybris s infotainment screen showing battery health

 Of course, Bentley has kept its signature analogue clock as it wouldn’t be the same without it. However, the spinning selection of – blank panel, infotainment screen, analogue clocks and compass is a really good addition to the newer models. Allowing you to have the history of the car still around whilst also feeling like you’re getting your money’s worth with all the new technological gadgets available in hybrids. Another impressive feature in contemporary cars is the head-up display. This technological advancement helps to see real-life information at your eyepoint. Things such as arrows telling you which turn to take or the speed limit are useful factors that can increase your driving experience in the Hybrid Bentayga.

Close up shot of bentley bentayga hybrid s interior material

The infotainment screen is 10.9”. Which is in fact larger than the Bentayga’s rival the Aston Martin DBX screen. What’s useful about the Bentayga is that you can choose between using the touch screen to navigate through the system or using the physical buttons beneath it. This allows for the system to be easily used even when driving. A lot of new cars only have the touch screen option – such as the BMW iX, and Audi Q7. Which can be distracting when driving and you need to look at navigation, change the song, or use the AC. Physical controls are also available on the steering wheel, helping you to become distracted even further. Equipped with DAB Radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, real-time navigation and an embedded sim come as standard. This means that you can have wifi from inside your Bentayga. 

Close up shot of interior in the bentley bentayga hybrid s steering wheel infotainment screen and seats Clos up shot of the control panel behind steering wheel showing the battery level inbentley bentayga hybrid s

The material used inside adds quality to the vehicle. Material such as Leather, wood veneer, and even aluminium air vents. In the new Hybrid S model, they have added Alacantara trims to the steering wheel, gear lever and seats. The panoramic roof that comes as standard in the Bentayga Hybrid allows for an array of sunlight to be constantly brought into your car. This really adds to the driving experience and makes it more pleasurable when driving or as a passenger. 

Close up shot of the bentley bentayga hybrid s V6 hybrid engine


With all of this in mind, you’re probably wondering if the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is worth it? Well, if you like premium/prestigious vehicles and are unhappy about the new law passed about vehicles having to go electric then yes. As it is inevitable that all companies will only produce electric cars by 2030. So you may as well get your hands on these models whilst you still can. With no doubt, they will only generate profit and not lose it because of the Bentley name. It does offer a lot of technical features and assistance and it’s a sturdy designed car. So if you like tradition, embrace new technology,  want to delve into the EV world, and have 150k spare then this is your car. 

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