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Toyota Sequoia In Right-Hand-Drive

18 October 2022

Toyota Sequoia 

Are you tired of looking for cars that are built LIKE typically American vehicles but they never live up to standard? Nothing quite competes with the original brands. UK vehicles can try and take inspiration but they will never be able to replicate the feeling of sitting behind an American steering wheel. We have created a solution to this problem. GLOBAL CONVERSIONS. 

Global Conversions by AutoExport is a new company that has been created to provide our customers with any car they would like. With no restrictions on whether it is a left-hand drive or right-hand drive. Our factory will be able to convert left-hand-drive vehicles and be able to export them to your required country. We have an experienced team that has worked in the converting industry for the past twenty years. Every stage of the process is carefully and precisely carried out to the highest and most professional standards. Converting a car from left to right-hand-drive isn’t for the weak, however, with our team’s experience and passion for the job we are able to go through each stage with ease. There will be another blog post and a connection to our main website for our conversions which will explain everything that you need to know about the brand and more detailed information about what we do. However, with this in mind, let’s move on to a vehicle that will now excite you. 

The Toyota Sequoia 2023 isn’t out in the UK and we’re not sure if they are going to do a right-hand-drive version. We have tried to research UK equivalents to the incredible vehicle, however, none seem to match up to the Sequoia’s standard. Therefore, being able to convert this vehicle for our customers seems like a dream come true. It opens up a lot of opportunities and expands all of our business due to not having limitations on makes or models anymore. So, let’s get into it. 



the toyota sequoia exterior in vibrant red

(Toyota Motor Sales, 2022)

What is the first thing you notice about any vehicle? The way it looks. The 2023 Toyota Sequoias exterior has had a whole new reconstruction. At first glance, you can see how strong and sophisticated its exterior look is. The approximate price for the 2023 Toyota Sequoia has been said to be around £53,563-£60,751, depending on the specifications you get. When we go through each and everything that comes as standard on these vehicles, we will see why this car is worth buying and even converting. 

the toyota sequoia exterior front grille with toyota logo and LED light bar underneath

(Toyota Motor Sales, 2022)


Starting off strong we have the 18” forged wheels wrapped in Falken wildpeak all-terrain tyres to help you grip the road. Falken is the registered trademark of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. By using premium brands for their tyres they can create and trust a wheel you can rely on off-road. Something else that has been added as a standard that we haven’t seen before is the introduction of the Heritage Grille with LED Light Bar. It has the recognisable ‘Toyota’ branding placed in the middle of the front grille and integrated beneath this is the LED light bar and marker lights. I believe this should inspire other companies that specialise in off-roading vehicles and SUVs, as this extra light could potentially help to guide the particular vehicle on roads/tracks that may not have as good surrounding light. The headlights of the car are made from LEDs. But, what has really impressed us is their auto-levelling ability with sequential turn signals. This can be really useful for off-roading vehicles due to the terrain that you’re driving on. Most contemporary vehicles have been made with LED headlights as companies want high-grade lights with increased visibility for their customers’ benefit. 

Extendable side mirrors for more visibility when towing in the toyota sequoia

(Toyota Motor Sales, 2022)



One of the primary reasons you may buy this vehicle would be for towing. As the Toyota Sequoias’ towing capacity can be up to 9,520lbs. Therefore, when looking for a new pick-up truck you would want to look for features that will benefit this towing capability. What has the vehicle got that other pick-up trucks haven’t? Well, let me tell you. The Toyota Sequoia has power-extending tow mirrors. Meaning you no longer need to buy extended mirrors to see what you’re towing anymore.

the toyota sequoia rain sensing wipers

(Toyota Motor Sales, 2022)


The Sequoia has power-folding, extending, and retracting tow mirrors to increase visibility. We believe that this is a really intelligent upgrade as most towing vehicles do not have this readily on their car and will act as a unique selling point for the Sequoia. The vehicle also has power-extending running boards as standard. These deployable side-steps are the most convenient feature for a larger car and will definitely be an advantage. It also has a hands-free liftgate. Meaning that you can swipe your leg underneath the car and the boot should open. Making loading your vehicle with your hands full an easier job. 

the toyota sequoia LED front headlights

(Toyota Motor Sales, 2022)



One of our main points, however, which will lead us to the performance of the vehicle is the electronic rear differential locking.

The toyota sequoia exterior in white

(Toyota Motor Sales, 2022)

 When using this, the engine is evenly distributed to both rear wheels so you can gain more grip in low-traction conditions. Alongside this, you have TDR Pro to support your vehicle. This helps you experience a smooth drive when off-roading. Both of these features are something to consider when buying your off-roading vehicle and having these already built into your vehicle is a big convenience for the driver.


The main question that you are most likely wondering is ‘Is The Toyota Sequoia Reliable’ and we hope to provide you with as much information as possible to support this decision of how reliable the Sequoia can actually be. We previously mentioned the towing capacity, but what’s included in this, is an integrated trailer brake controller – making you more comfortable with the towing stability as well as capacity. We suggest adding the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) optional extra onto your vehicle. This means that the suspension will adapt depending on what sort of object you are towing. This gives you more of a free-range and stress-free towing ability. 

The i-FORCE MAX Twin Turbo V6 Hybrid Powertrain elevates performance with every drive. It’s paired with an electric motor and can produce up to 437horsepower. So yes, the Toyota Sequoia is a hybrid!! The placement between the engine and the transmission efficiently transfers power for an instant response. It is a 10-speed automatic transmission that helps to provide smooth shifting between gears when needed and also improves fuel efficiency (22/20MPG). With such good acceleration and smooth gear shifting this vehicle is just as good off the road as it is on the road. To support you even further the Sequoia has Drive Mode Select. These include: Custom, Sports+, Sports, Normal, Comfort, and Eco. The easy selection of drive modes through a touch of a button. Another similarly impressive feature is the TOW/HAUL and Tow+Mode. The primary responsibility of the Toyota Sequoia is to bring things with you on your road trips and drives. With these modes, the car adjusts its transmission settings to maximise the ideal towing parameters and therefore increase towing capability, performance, and ultimately, efficiency. There is also a Multi-terrain select and downhill assist control. This can help to choose from five modes to help improve your traction by automatically adjusting the engine throttle and traction control. The downhill assist control applies the brakes to help you safely descend. All very important additions to a vehicle like that to make you as a driver or passenger feel safe when inside and towing. 


What you want from a car in the 21st century is to be comfortable, stylish, and up-to-date with the latest technology. A car in the present day isn’t just to get you from one destination to the other. The Toyota Sequoia to me, suggests that you may be doing tiresome and labour-intensive shifts or long road trips with your family. Meaning that the interior of the Sequoia needs to be as impressive as its exterior and performance ability. 

Starting off strong with the all-new 14-inch touchscreen. This surprisingly fits perfectly into the structure of the Sequoia’s interior. Integrated into the centre of the central panel the multimedia touchscreen is clean-cut, good quality, and useful. It uses dual Bluetooth, making your phone connectivity to the vehicle that little bit easier. You can also use drive connect, with navigation and intelligent assistant to help direct and support you along your journey. Another feature that all cars are heading towards is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This created an interconnectedness with you, your phone, and your vehicle. Having a familiar interface in your car is a reassuring feature as you know how to work the system and being able to connect your iPhone makes it all that more convenient. Accompanying this is the 14-speaker JBL premium audio. This includes a subwoofer and amplifier, making you feel like you’re in the front row of a performance. Having a premium audio system is what a lot of people look for in a vehicle nowadays. You also get a 12.3” full-colour multi-information display. You can rearrange what you want to see on your information display from the multi-functional steering wheel. A useful feature in such a large vehicle is a digital rear-view mirror. This can cast a clearer, wider, and obstruction-free view of the road behind you. Like most digital rear-view mirrors these days you can zoom in, out, left, and right. You also have the option to turn the digital view off if you would prefer to just use the physical mirror. 

As a mobile phone is interconnected with our daily lives, companies have to take the natural steps towards accompanying that. Therefore, wireless charging and charging ports are essential to a brand-new vehicle in the 21st century. Included in the Toyota Sequoia are wireless charging points. If you place your compatible phone down on the wireless charging area then the easy charge will take place for you. This is much more efficient than wired charging as you do not have to remember to bring your charging cable with you, or clutter your car for that matter. The only downside to this feature is that only some phones are compatible with this feature. The example that Toyota uses on the official website is an iPhone, which leads me to the conclusion that the phone has to be a contemporary smartphone to work. Which limits a select few people who haven’t made the move to smartphones. Don’t be disheartened if this is the case, as Toyota has thought of everything. In the boot of the Sequoia there are 120V/400q AC power outlets. If you need to charge your phone via a plug socket, set up an outdoor cinema, or plug in your fridge for cold drinks around the campfire then this is a perfect feature for you. 

The interior of the car is made up of leather-trimmed seating with heated and ventilated first and second-row seats. With this, you can experience ultimate comfortability. Accompanied by four-zone climate control which your back-seat passengers can adjust. Enhancing every passenger’s driving experience in the Sequoia. Toyota has included electrically-controlled third-row seats that can transform into a cargo shelf system. This means you aren’t restricted in how many passengers you may take on one trip or how much luggage you take on another. We love this idea of a cargo shelf and love that it looks so easily adjustable into this system. There’s lots of room throughout the whole of the vehicle so each passenger has maximum comfort no matter where you’re sat. The Sequoia is incredibly modernised and has innovative features that we hope other off-roading vehicles are influenced by the cleverness of Toyota. 

As this is primarily an off-roading vehicle, there needs to be assistive programmess to support the driver. In the Sequoia it has something called ‘Crawl Control’, this automatically modulates the throttle and brakes on five low-speed settings so you can focus on steering through challenging off-road. It also has ‘Multi-Terrain Monitor’, this feature that will monitor your surroundings and help to expand your view on any potential hazards. The car assists you in many ways, to enhance your driving experience. Another way it does this is through the rear-view camera and parking sensors. The Sequoia has a Panoramic view monitor, meaning that it gives a 360-degree view of the vehicle even with a trailer on. Offering additional visibility and guidance as you park or back up with a trailer attached. 

Most importantly, the Sequoia has a Panoramic Moonroof, letting in lots of light and allowing you to take in all of the surrounding nature when on your drive. 

Thank You

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and we know this week’s entry was a little different from normal. However, as our conversion project is underway we hope to start hearing your thoughts and hopefully your inquiries about having a right-hand drive converted car! Head over to our news page for more blog posts and get in contact with us today for more information. 




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