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The 2022 Maserati Grecale SUV Review

12 April 2022

The New Maserati Grecale brings a wave of up-to-date technology, performance, and design features. This new vehicle is a similar size to a small Porsche Macan SUV or a BMW X3 M. This car is rumoured to cost around £50,000 as a starting price. With the Trofeo Maserati Grecale price (UK) will be closer to £90,000 – this is the most powerful model of the Grecale production. The new SUV will play a fundamental role in the Italian firm’s rapid transition to electrification with the Folgore model set to have been produced by 2023 and will have fully completed the Folgore line-up by 2025. Klaus Busse, the head of design for Maserati, stated that he “wanted to design a car that adds value”, and that “if you see a Maserati, it adds beauty to the environment”. The new Grecale is a prime example of these statements, as it’s a sports car that has been designed for everyday activities. The design incorporates some of Maserati’s history and signature features. For example, the inclusion of their infamous MC20 sportscar into Grecale’s design is strikingly obvious even from a quick glance at its low and imposing grille, and I will be exploring this in further detail throughout this blog. Not only is the design inclusive, but the different models are also extremely accommodating too. The Grecale is available in full-combustion, hybrid, and fully electric. ‘Grecale’ is the name of a Mediterranean wind, and this new SUV is said to be a breath of fresh air. Therefore, I will be exploring how true this statement is throughout this blog. 

Maserati Grecale Interior

The interior of Maserati’s Grecale SUV can be described as the ‘Avant-Garde Digital Realm’. With its big move to innovative and contemporary technology, we see this phrase as an accurate description of the vehicle. However, I think I speak for everyone in saying IT’S ABOUT TIME! Everyone has been waiting for Maserati to step into the technological era and we are still so surprised it has taken this long after the release of their rival the Porsche Macan. The Grecale is incredibly roomy for passengers, whether rear or front seats. With lots of cabin space for rear passengers and even includes their own 6.5” rear touch screen with 3 zoned climate control system. Each area is equipped with storage compartments. With even more storage in the central panel in the front. Here we have 2 large cup holders, large storage compartments, a mobile phone charging area – wireless and USB-C. The central panel is free of buttons too, the fear lever makes room for the spacious armrest. What we have started to see in newer cars that want to incorporate advanced technology is the removal of buttons in every part of their interior – take the BMW iX as a perfect example. A lot of complaints were made about this commencing as drivers found it was distracting when driving. Maserati has paid attention to the opinions and complaints of the public and kept physical buttons for the benefit of the driver. We can see this on the multifunctional steering wheel, the start/stop button, the drive mode selector, and the paddle shifters. Whilst these buttons are practical and increase satisfaction in regards to driving ability, Maserati has also produced these features so that they underline the sporty soul of the Grecale. Incorporation of practicality, innovative design, and contemporary technology all in one. The prestigiousness of the car is also seen through the quality of the interior. The surfaces within the cabin are enhanced by the use of precious materials combined with aluminium elements exuding mechanical functionality. The attention to detail is what makes a vehicle stand out from others. We can see this in the hand-stitched Maserati logo embossed on the headrests. A similar element we see in the Porsche headrests, yet Maserati went one step further with theirs. To accompany this, Maserati has included heated and ventilated seats to ensure absolute comfort for its passengers and drivers. 

Design Dashboard

The dashboard design elements are where we see the creative side of Maserati come out to play. The head-up display shows important information where it is needed. The appearance can be customised to different layouts according to your preference. The driving and navigation data can be moved to your eye-line so that you are able to keep your eyes on the road. In recent years we have seen ambient lighting take contemporary cars by storm. It would be only right for Maserati to hop on this trend. Their soft diffused lighting is available in three levels of intensity. The first creates a refined living room effect. The second turns red in sports mode and the third turns yellow in corsa mode. Of course, you can still personalise your ambient lighting experience. 

Maserati has used progressive technology within their vehicle. We see this in the new design of what was their famous ‘analog’ clock. Maserati’s clock on the upper dashboard has been a distinctive design feature for ages – a watch face heritage. However, we live in a digital era. Therefore, they have transformed the traditional clock into a digital interface. Projecting Maserati into the future. The digital interface clock is able to turn into a digital smartwatch, enables smart vocal interactions, turns into a compass, a chronometer, a G-Metre, and a vocal assistant. To use the vocal assistant is a similar method to the Mercedes interface, all you have to do is say ‘Hey Maserati’. With all of these interfaces available, Maserati allows you to select the theme that best fits your preference. 

The infotainment screen has been created with an eye-catching and modern design. Made up of two angled screens. The top screen is 12.3” and the bottom is 8.8”. The two screens integrate lots of commands on their sleek surfaces and are also ergonomically positioned toward the driver. The driver-centric design of the infotainment screen helps to create a less distracting experience as the driver isn’t leaning over to try and press buttons. Everything is in position for their benefit of them. Not only this, but every function within the car can be touch-controlled. Maserati has named their virtual personal assistant ‘MIA’, standing for Maserati Intelligent Assistant. Powered by Android Automotive OS, MIA can navigate the latest maps and real-time traffic information, and update you about the weather and parking availability at the destination you are heading. MIA can also activate the onboard wifi hotspot and browse and stream on up to 8 different devices. We see the virtual assistant through the Maserati digital interface clock. You do not have to use MIA all the time. If you prefer to select your own settings then you can also access any of the following through your infotainment screen: 

  1. Navigation 
  2. Media
  3. Drive Modes
  4. Vehicle Settings 
  5. Apps and much more

Alongside these ingenious features, we have another familiar concept being placed into the Grecale. Maserati Connect. This is a seamless, smart, and digital everyday experience in and around your Grecale vehicle. Think of incorporating your Maserati into your smart ecosystem. Why should your car be left out? Having an interconnected ecosystem between your home, your phone, and to your car should be the norm with how advanced technology is in 2022. Being able to communicate with your car from your own home has now been made simple with Maserati. Maserati Connect, simply put, is an in-car Alexa. It can play music, hear the news, check the weather, and even control smart home devices. Which is insane. Think about being on a Sunday morning winter hike and you ask your Maserati Connect to put the heating on so your home can be nice and toasty for you when you get back. Another incredibly impressive feature within the Grecale that we haven’t really seen before is the Maserati Connect’s ability to keep you updated on the health of your Grecale and is even able to remind you of your next service. In case of an emergency, a dedicated short is provided when you need help along the trip of theft of the car. 

With all of these elements that I have already discussed, the question arises of what actually makes a contemporary car stand out from the rest? And what makes a car worth all of this money? Well, we believe that the Driving Assistance optional extras have a major impact on whether you would purchase a car at this price. The Maserati Grecale SUV can help to support you in busy traffic or on the open roads, has Automated Emergency Braking, Intelligent Speed Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Active Lane Management along with Blind Spot Assist and Lane Keeping Assist and Warning, Active Driving Assist, and finally, Traffic Sign Information. With contemporary cars at higher prices we have to ask, what can I gain from having this car? How can this car help me on busier or more difficult roads? With Driving Assistance elements these questions can be answered and our driving experience more comfortable. 

Design Exterior

Maserati Grecale SUV GT model exterior vew of the three side vents Maserati Grecale SUV exterior design folgore model in copper rear-viewThe two words that ultimately describe the Grecale are Italian and timeless. Maserati has designed the vehicle to have visual longevity. Meaning that even in 10 or 30 years the vehicle will still look and feel incredible. Along with the whole vehicle, the sculpted lines fuse essential iconic design elements with an audacious, futuristic outlook. On the front of the vehicle, we see the signature grill framing. It’s low and imposing without being excessive – very similar to Maserati’s MC20. The MC20’s design is actually what Maserati has based the design of the Grecale around. There is a modernised logo above the grill, this is a distinctive sign of Maserati’s new era. Maserati has used LED technology to create the headlights, following a lot of other companies with this idea. The headlights are high-mounted, which is again, very similar to the signature design of the MC20 super sports car. Another signature design for Maserati is the triple air vents on the side of the vehicle. These have been an essential element in Maserati designs since 1947. The sculpted power of the Grecale shows a sleek and fluid design. The profile is a continuous contrast between the purity of design with elements like flush door handles. Technical components are emphasised by the use of carbon fibre. Along with trident inspired alloy wheels to keep the Maserati logo consistent. The most striking element of the exterior design, however, is the adapted coupé dimension to the SUV. The rear-end was inspired by the Giugiaro 3200 GT. As the tail lights integrate seamlessly with the Grecale’s clean lines. The newly designed exhausts visually describe the roaring Maserati sound and accompany the subtle bot spoiler to emphasise the sportiness of the vehicle.  

Maserati grecale SUV extreme close up showing signature grill frame and trident logo above and on the grille Maserati Grecale SUV exterior rear-shot of the car


In terms of the Maserati Grecale’s boot space, in the Trofeo model, there is 570-litres. Which is an incredible amount. Following closely behind and still an impressive amount in the Maserati Grecale GT model with 535-litres of boot space. Still enough to take a family of 5 on a week’s holiday and with extra bags.


Exterior Colours

Maserati is well known for their magnificent colour range and they haven’t disappointed with them in their Grecale range. 


  1. Rosso Granturismo – Fuoriserie
  2. Nero Tempesta 
  3. Bianco 
  4. Bianco Astro 
  5. Grigio Cangiante – Fuoriserie 
  6. Grigio Lava 
  7. Grigio Lava Opaco 
  8. Blue Intenso 
  9. Blue Nobile
  10. Giallo Corse – Primaserie Launch Edition 
  11. With only 1000 available in this colour
  12. Performance

The performance of the Maserati Grecale SUV depends on the model and drive mode. There are four different Grecale models and 5 different drive modes available. 

Maserati Grecale SUV models and specs

Here is a simple layout of all the different models and their performance specs. 

Grecale GT 

    • Engine Layout – L4
    • Max Power – 300hp 
    • Max Speed – 150mph
    • Max Torque – 450Nm
    • 0-62mph in 5.6 second

Grecale Modena 

      • Engine Layout – L4
      • Max Power – 330hp
      • Max Speed – 150mph
      • Max Torque – 450Nm
      • 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds 

Grecale Trofeo 

    • Engine Layout – V6
      • Shares same engine as the MC20 
    • Max Power – 530hp 
    • Max Speed – 177mph 
    • Max Torque – 630Nm
    • 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds 
      • Rumoured to be able to do it in 3.5 seconds 

Grecale Folgore SUV 

    • First fully electric SUV by Maserati 
    • 105kW/h Battery 
      • This is the same size battery that you get in a BMW iX eDrive50. Showing how powerful this all-electric model will really be. 
    • Max Torque – 800Nm
      • Over 100 more Nm than a Tesla Model Y performance.Which is already getting people talking about how powerful this car is going to be. 
    • Max power -500hp 
    • Max Speed – 124mph
    • 350 miles on a full charge 
      • More than a Tesla Model Y as a comparison. Smashing the brands that have laid the groundwork for electric vehicles in the 21st century. The Folgore electric model of the Grecale will be released in 2023.


Driving Modes

Maserati grecale SUV driving modes specWe were a little disappointed with the driving modes in the Grecale. They seem to be gnarly exactly the same as the MC20. We know Maserati is basing their design around the MC2, however, we thought there would be a little bit of extra spice about the SUV. The first driving mode is comfort. This mode is for your daily city drive. Its engine boost and kickdown are limited and efficiency is improved. The suspension rigidity is reduced and electrically powered steering gives effortless driving pleasure. The second mode is the GT mode. No, not the GT model, just the GT mode. Come on Maserati??? Could you be any more boring with the names? Give your own spin on things! Anyways, the GT mode uses more agile acceleration without compromising efficiency. The kickdown and pedal sensitivity are moderate whilst the shifting is smooth and gradual. The third mode is sports mode. You can imagine how this differs from the last mode. The sports mode is intense. With maximum engine boost and open exhaust valves, you get to feel and hear the sportiness of the car come alive. Pedal sensitivity and gear change are set to peak performance to support the vehicle on the race track. The driving position is lowered by 15mm when switched to ‘Aero Mode’ in sports mode and the steering wheel is more rigid and responsive. The fourth mode is more specific for the Grecale SUV, the off-road mode. In this mode, it uses all-terrain performance and control. The gear changes are gradual and the rev limiter is activated. The ride height is set to high, with a +30m difference in height over comfort mode. All these elements are typical of an off-roading experience and will help to support the car and driver in an off-roading driving situation. The fifth and final driving mode is Corsa. This driving mode is available for the Trofeo Grecale model only. It is an extreme experience. The gear changes are fast and the pedals are highly responsive. With the launch control, electronic aid will assist in unleashing the immense power from a standing start. 

Thank You

We hope to have given you an in-depth insight into what the Maserati Grecale SUV is going to look, feel and drive like throughout this blog. We are very excited to get our hands on this vehicle and even more excited for 2023 with the launch of the 100% electric Folgore model. If you are interested in owning this car yourself then don’t hesitate to contact us by either clicking HERE or visiting our ‘Contact’ page on our website. If you enjoyed this blog and want to read more like this then head over to our NEWS page and have a scroll. THANK YOU!

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