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The Next Car To Look Out For In 2023!!! Volkswagen ID.Crozz Review

18 August 2022

Volkswagen ID.Crozz

We all know by now that Electric SUV Cars are the future but how do we know what car to get? When all vehicle companies are producing intelligent and emission-efficient cars faster than you can say cheese! Well, we have the latest news on a specific car that you need to keep your eyes on and you’ll be shocked when we tell you… It’s the Volkswagen ID.Crozz. This Electric SUV Concept was first shown in Shanghai in April 2017 and an updated version of the vehicle in Frankfurt, later on, that year has been described as a “smartphone on wheels” (Volkswagen, 2017). With Volkswagen having a new brand strategy stating that “we make the future real” (Volkswagen, 2017) we expect big things. Forming this strategy are four pillars. 1. Smart Sustainability. 2. Intuitive Useability. 3. Connected Community (meaning interconnecting humans, cars and the environment surrounding us via their very own Volkswagen I.D), and 4. Automated Driving. Throughout this Volkswagen ID.Crozz Review I will be exploring all factors of this strategy. 

The Electric Vehicle Concept is VW ID.Crozz which is set to be produced in 2023 is going to be a key factor in the new I.D family based on the Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB)

VW’s Innovative Technology

Volkswagen has used innovative technology as no other brand has before. One of the most impressive features is that it has been rumoured to have voice recognition technology and it is nothing like we have seen before. We have come across ‘Hey Mercedes’ and ‘Hello BMW’ along with BMW’s impressive gesture control. However, Volkswagen has introduced voice recognition technology to work with you and your car. Making the car so much easier to start up and answer your commands. Your ID.Crozz will be able to recognise your voice and act accordingly. One of the most impressive and helpful features is being able to open any passenger’s doors by saying “Hi ID. Open passenger door”. We saw the introduction of opening passenger doors in the Mercedes-Maybach S500 as you could control the door function through the infotainment screen. However, we believe that Volkswagen has gone above and beyond by upgrading this feature to being voice-controlled. 

The Volkswagen ID.Crozz’s range is not that impressive in comparison to other electric cars on the market. The emission-free vehicle can drive up to 500km on a single charge. Which is 300miles roughly. It is made up of an 83-kWh lithium-ion battery pack with 2 electric motors, one on each axle. The front motor generates 101hp and the rear motor generates 201hp; giving a total output of 302hp. The front motor engages when needed for traction in the vehicle. The low position of the battery helps to improve the handling of the car due to a lower centre of gravity. Meaning that you can reach up to its top speed of 112mph with ease and confidence. Despite all of this technical talk, the vehicle is still insanely quiet inside as it is a fully electric vehicle and we have a sneaky feeling that Volkswagen will be following what other companies have done and include noise cancelling technology inside so you aren’t disturbed by the noise outside. Volkswagen has also introduced air purification technology: creating clean air inside as well as outside of the vehicle due to it being emission-free. Like most electrical cars they excel with a rapid charger. The ID. Crozz can charge up to 80% of its battery within 30 minutes when plugged into a 150kWh DC charger. This means that those long journeys won’t be interrupted as they will take as much time as you normally would at a service station. 

Another impressive and technologically advanced feature within the new ID. Crozz is the ability to update the vehicle ‘over the air’. Meaning that the vehicle has been made to last over long periods of time. Simple updates and upgrades is something we have never seen in a car before and this could be the next revolutionary concept for new vehicles. We hope to see the inclusion and cooperation with our mobile devices too. Maybe controlling the update for your Volkswagen ID.Crozz from your VW ID app? We hope so. We have seen the introduction of LED Headlights into 2022 vehicles, and the greetings from them when the car starts up. Volkswagen has included a 360-degree light show into their new ID. Crozz when the vehicle is awakened. This just shows the lengths that VW are going to add an interconnectedness to the driver and vehicle. 

Volkswagen ID.Crozz Autonomous Driving

We saw the popularisation of ‘Auto Pilot’ in Elon Musk’s Tesla cars. However, what brands need to think of now is how they can take it that step further with autonomous driving to make their own brand/company stand out and VW has certainly made their own mark with this. With one touch of the steering wheel or vocal command via Bluetooth, you can activate pilot control. For example, if you hold down the VW logo on the centre of the steering wheel or equally you can say “Hello I.D, please activate pilot mode”. The autonomous mode retracts the steering wheel to give you more space and room to relax in the driving seat. The ambient lighting also switches to red in autopilot mode, when the driver is in control of the car the ambient lighting is set to blue. This is another little feature that shows VW’s attention to detail and the level of care for its customers. You may be worried about how the autonomous driving mode works and whether you trust it. But, how it works is pretty simple. The vehicle uses four laser scanners that pop up from the roof as well as ultrasonic and radar sensors, side view cameras, and finally the front camera. With all of this constantly scanning the road around you your vehicle should safely and securely navigate you to your destination. 

VW ID.Crozz Interior

Volkswagen ID.Crozz Interior showing the B-Pillars removal for more space inside the car

This new vehicle has been designed to give you more freedom at the wheel and a lot more space. 

Volkswagen ID.Crozz showing spacious interior and removal of centre console area ad B-pillars The centre console and rear seats are easily adjustable to give you more space. This means you can configure your vehicle to fit just about anything in your car, for example, luggage, a bike etc. The B-pillars in the middle of the car have been removed to make it easier to get in and out of the car. This means they can create a smaller, sporty, elegant coupe design. This exterior design structure reminds us of the Tesla Model Y; the pinnacle of electric cars. So we are not surprised that Volkswagen has taken inspiration from Tesla because they are so popular in today’s car market. The coupe style is very predictable for electric SUVs so it is only right that VW follows this trend. VW have predicted the ID.Crozz is a similar size to the 2018 Tiguan, so it has large dimensions just with a four-door coupe shape.

Volkswagen ID.Crozz interior showing retracted steering wheel forautonomous driving mode and more space in drivers seat

The material inside the ID.Crozz is made from premium alcantara.

Volkswagen ID.Crozz showing spacious interior and panoramic roofThe interior is accompanied by lounge-like facilities. Volkswagen has introduced the first-class carbon feel that other brands are trying to use to sell their cars. People don’t just want a car that can get them from A to B anymore – they need luxury, class, and intelligent technology. We can see the inclusion of intelligent technology throughout the car. One of the more impressive uses of contemporary tech is the motion-controlled virtual light shades. There are smart lights in the door panels – which we hope also act as ambient lighting. These smart lights communicate with the passengers. They activate when the driver uses voice control to open the door and further assist the driver by giving visual cues in the form of interactive light signals in navigation and potentially hazardous situations. It is able to detect pedestrians or cyclists on the side of the road, for example. A flashing red light starts to show on the door panels when this is happening. I think this is an excellent addition that will make the car stand out against other electric SUV giants. Other impressive features that are useful to note are the panoramic room that uses LED strips to illuminate the interior, an electronic rear-view mirror, an augmented reality heads-up display and door panels, an electrically adjustable and retractable steering wheel, and an instrument panel that features a 10.2-inch touch tablet that handles infotainment. A lot of these features can be operated by voice control, gesture control, touch displays or capacitive button fields.

Volkswagen ID.Crozz vs ID4

The cars are very similar in exterior design style and driveability. However the ID.Crozz is a more emission-free, upgraded version of the ID 4. In terms of price, the ID 4 costs around £37,900-£58,390 depending on the specification of the car. So we expect the ID.Crozz price in the UK starts from anything around £50,550 with the potential to go up to £60,000+ with the highest specifications. So, our final question shall be raised. When will the VW ID.Crozz be available? We predict that Volkswagen will roll out the physical car at the start of 2023. So be sure to get your orders in now to avoid missing out on the next/most popular car of the season. 




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