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Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Review

26 July 2022

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-Class

The collaboration between Maybach and the S-Class has been a long time coming. Both Mercedes brands are universally known for their first-class luxury interiors. The collaboration has brought together the best, most luxurious, and efficient features of both Maybach and the S-class brands to create a vehicle that is for a new era of cars. Mercedes have described the Maybach S-Class to have “excellent comfort and ultimate luxury”.  These two elements are something that both brands pride themselves in and the new Maybach S-Class really expresses them through its first-class innovative design details and exquisite materials. The starting price for the vehicle is around £160K and the more top-spec model costs £201K. If you’re spending this much on a vehicle then you want the best of the best, so we recommend going for the higher spec and we’ll explain to you why this is throughout this blog. 


Maybach S-Class 2022 Interior

At first glance, you can see the initial resemblance to both brands. With the layout and technology within the car, you can see how much influence the S 500 has had on the car. The MBUX Multimedia system is one of the best infotainment systems that we have ever come across inside cars. Mercedes really are unbeaten in this area. However, to make this vehicle stand out, of course, the system has had an upgrade. It has Mercedes-Maybach display styles along with OLED tech for these displays. As we all know a lot of the standard features already come with the MBUX system so I will note some of the new elements that have stood out to us. The MBUX interior assists on the rear responds to natural body movements and gestures, and works in combination with adaptive rear lighting, directing the light exactly where you need it to be. The light following your eyesight or body movements to shine where you most need the light to be is an incredible upgrade and good use of innovative technology in an already technologically advanced vehicle. This goes just that little bit further to impress its passengers. Another impressive reactive feature in this vehicle is that the Maybach S-class reacts when you are sitting comfortably in your seat. The vehicle then offers your seat belt to you so it makes it easier to fasten. Limiting the movements that are needed within the car. Once you have fastened your seat belt the feeder retracts to its original position. Another way that the car limits movement for the passenger is the infotainment controls being able to close the door for you. This emphasises the quality and luxury of the vehicle. One feature that has impressed us and the rest of the nation is the upgrade of the massaging seats. We know that Mercedes is the leader for massage and comfort seats, however, they have really hit it out of the park with this one. They have extended the massaging functions to reach your calves. The rear passenger cabin is where you want to be sitting. Both executive units recline up to 43.5 degrees and on the side behind the front passenger, you can recline even further, as, from a touch of a button, the front passenger seat folds forward so the rear seat extends fully. Essentially you could sleep peacefully like on a first-class flight. The backseat passengers also get full control of the entertainment and comfort functions from the tablet in the back. Equally, they could just get their chauffeur to speak to the Mercedes Voice Assistant to make any changes they desire. 

To further enhance your passenger experience, Mercedes has included a 4D surround sound set-up. There are 30 speakers inside the car and they use noise canceling technology. When in the cabin you can notice how much it actually blocks out the outside noise. This enhances the driving experience for all passengers and drivers. As an optional extra in this car, you can pay for Maybach champagne flutes. The cupholders in the back of the vehicle have clasps on the edges that can hold your flutes in place so that the champagne doesn’t spill when driving. They have really thought about each fine detail in this car and that’s what makes such a luxurious vehicle stand out from its competitors. Some other finer details that have been brought in to make this a Maybach car are the logos on the headrests and the back of the front seats, the Maybach steering wheel, and finally, the Maybach foot pedals. 


Mercedes-Maybach S-Class two tone colour lwb

From outside the vehicle, you can see that it looks very similar to the 2021 S 500. If you want a vehicle that doesn’t showcase your wealth from a glance then this is the car for you. It draws far less attention to your vehicle in comparison to the likes of Rolls Royce or Bentley.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class two tone exterior colour lwb and sky light panoramic roof

 From an eye that doesn’t have knowledge of cars, they would imagine it is just another Mercedes. However, if you do want to stand out a little bit more then there is an option of a split two-tone exterior colour. There are 10 different two-tone paint options to choose from, and they take a week to apply. So choose carefully. A chrome material frames the whole car. There’s a strip between the exhausts and another strip following around the door and window frames. The chrome strip that runs along the bonnet meets the Mercedes badge at the front of the grille. Where the chromed radiator grille with vertical struts makes the car stand out from anyone it’s next to on the road. 

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class exterior merceds and maybach badge


The Alloys are from the exclusive Mercedes-Maybach range. With the starting Alloy being 19”

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class V8 and V12 engine and the optional extra (that we suggest you get) being 21”. We have seen the Mercedes-Maybach EQS alloys and we weren’t the biggest fans of the bowl-like alloys. We feel as though Mercedes-Maybach has listened to the public and acted on the feedback as they have produced an impressive Alloy. The vehicle itself is incredibly large. It’s 12cm longer than the long-wheelbase standard S-class, making it 5.5M long. Yet, with the higher spec model (V12) you have less boot space than you would with the lower spec model (V8) you have more space. This is something to bare in mind when purchasing your Maybach S-Class and to consider how you are going to use your vehicle. The headlights are made up of 1.3 million tiny pieces of glass, all the pieces make up the very clear headlight. Hopefully, the headlight has been designed in a creative and artistic way that can impress passers-by. Maybe taking inspiration from the Bentley Bentayga headlights as these impressed the whole of the car community. Not only this, but the headlights are also able to project symbols and directions onto the road ahead – to help the driver when it’s dark outside. This feature is something that we have never seen before and are definitely excited to see on the road.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class exterior in two tone exterior colour and chrome grille Mercedes-Maybach S-Class exterior side profile of alloys Mercedes-Maybach exterior colour in red rear view of the vehicle Mercedes-maybach s-class exterior colour in red side view of vehicle



Not only is it aesthetically and technologically advanced, but Mercedes-Maybach has also included a very powerful engine to top it all off. You can either have the lower spec entry-level model that has a 496bhp 3.9L V8 engine, which is actually less powerful than the original standard S-Class. Or, you can opt for the more expensive higher-spec 604bhp 6.0L V12 engine. Which also achieves 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds in sports mode. For a car that weighs over 2 tonnes and is 5.5M long, this is incredibly impressive to achieve. When in sports mode, the Maybach-S Class lifts up the front of the body and uses its own force to get up to 155mph top speed. There are 3 different modes to this vehicle, sport, comfort, and Maybach. All of these modes have been designed to keep comfort and quietness a priority. What we really want to know about is the Maybach mode. In this mode, the suspension softens even further, it dulls the accelerator and steering sharpness and starts off in second gear to make those pulling-aways extra smooth, it also has Auto Pilot – meaning it can steer on its own, very similar to a Tesla. All of these elements enhance the driving experience as it makes the vehicle easy, relaxing and impressive to drive. It’s so smooth yet so powerful – Mercedes-Maybach really put in a lot of effort for this one. Another factor that adds to this driving experience is the cameras that are placed around the vehicle. The surrounding cameras scan the road and relay information to the central control unit and then the vehicle then adjusts to the conditions of the road. So if there are any bumps in the road then the vehicle will protect the cars and its passengers. Another impressive technological factor.

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