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Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept Car

16 June 2022

Mercedes-Maybach EQS

This fully electric Maybach EQS was first shown as a concept car at the Munic auto show. This is Europe’s largest auto show and it mainly hosts more well-known auto brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and BMW. When the Maybach EQS was revealed, it was a shock. However, this is the next logical step for Maybach. This electric SUV concept vehicle is based on the idea of luxury and executive class electric vehicles. Officially taking Maybach into the future with all the other auto brands. This car is instantly recognisable. You can see just by looking at the car the particular elements that belong to Maybach and the EQ groups. These particular physical characteristics can be seen throughout both vehicles and they blend well with each other. Keeping a slick and clean look all over the exterior. Mercedes have really tried to emphasise a new futuristic era and this is reinforced through the technological design of the outside. Showing the progression that Maybach is willing to make for the future of automotive design. 


Throughout the whole vehicle, there’s a continuous seamless design. The curves and smooth edges make it sleek and expressive of a new technological era. An element that has really impressed us is the comfort doors. Like most flush handles these days, they will extend out when the driver approaches the vehicle (if the keys are present). Then when getting even closer, the doors will open automatically, something we haven’t come across before, and are very excited to try out how well this feature works. The driver’s door will then close automatically when you press the brake pedal and the driver can also operate the other doors electronically for other passengers. In addition to this, rear-seat occupants can also shut the doors electronically. 

The shape of the vehicle is rounded off and frames the windows – we can see a merging of the EQS and the Maybachs shapes within this vehicle and we think it really works together. There is an incorporation of the pin-stripe design at the front of the car – typical of the original Maybach. Something that they have changed within the design of this particular vehicle is the LED headlights. They are now individual blocks that are next to each other. This extra finer detail that Mercedes have made really does make a difference to the face of the car, it individualises this collaboration between Maybach and EQS. 


One thing we do not like about this vehicle, however, is the 24-inch light-alloy wheels in the Maybach ‘bowl’ design. Impressively large. It has five short spokes and a flat centre section also has Maybach lettering to emphasise the exclusive appearance of the electric SUV. But, I think it just looks like a dog bowl, I think it takes away from the exclusivity and prestigiousness of the brand. 

It’s been said that the electric SUV’s range on a full charge is up to 370 miles. This is pretty impressive considering how large this vehicle actually is. Customers of the first Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV will be offered the premium of being able to use exclusive fast chargers. With pre-booking available and luxurious facilities to entertain you whilst the vehicle is charging. A ‘plug and charge’ feature will also be introduced. Meaning you plug, charge, and unplug. That is all that needs to be done. No faffing around with payments and wait times. The payments will run through your Mercedes Me app, enhancing the driving experience even further. Mercedes have really thought about every detail of this project. 



Mercedes have stated that the lounge area in the rear promises luxurious travel at the highest level and we know that Mercedes, Maybach, and EQS will deliver this. 

Mercedes-Maybach EQS concept car interior front seat in white and visual hyperscreen

Mercedes-Benz (September, 2021).

When you think of a Maybach you don’t expect to be the one driving it, you think of being more of a rear-seat passenger. In the back, we can see the similarity to the Maybach interior design. 

Mercedes-Maybach EQS concept car interior rear seats with rear seat entertainment and centre console running throughout

Mercedes-Benz (September, 2021).

But what is also surprising is that we can see the resemblance to the s-class. The 2-seat layout and the rear-seat entertainment.

What they have based these looks around is first-class travel. First-class travel is based around ultimate luxury, comfort, and entertainment whilst being driven to your destination. The rear reclining seats also have to extend calf rests, imitating a flatbed. Very similar to the GLS 600 Maybach. Included in the back is a high-end rear-seat entertainment system. We can only imagine that Mercedes has had an upgrade. With more things to keep yourself occupied with during travel. A head-up display is said to be made up of 1.3 million individual high-resolution mirrors. The head-up display can project information, actions, turn arrows, etc.

A fridge and champagne storage can also be included of course. As no executive journey is complete without a glass of cold fizz. In the picture, you can see there is a floating centre console. This gives the vehicle a sci-fi, alien spaceship, futuristic feel to the car. This also frees up a lot of space in the back cabin but has Mercedes gone too far in trying to bring the Maybach into the future? We cannot decide whether this is going to look too space-shippy or if this is genuinely genius. When production images have been leaked and we’ve been physically inside the car, we’ll know for sure. We do, however, love the rose-gold colored accents throughout the car. We first started to notice details like this in the BMW iX – with the crystal and gold accents and we think that this is a brilliant design idea as it adds a prestigiousness to the car. Makes it look and feel a lot more luxurious and exclusive. 




Maybach-EQS have added a two-tone finish that will be adopted as this brand’s signature exterior colour look. I believe that this combination really expresses the collaboration and coming together of the two Mercedes families. The use of Obsidian Black Metallic and Zircon Red Metallic colours makes the vehicle stand out, as it really is beautifully eye-catching. Everything that makes Maybach’s exterior what it is, has been enhanced and excelled for the purpose of bettering the Maybach EQS. You may notice something a little different about the Air intakes, rear diffuser, window surrounds, b-pillars, roof spoiler, alloy wheels, even the badge, and faux exterior grille. All of those elements listed previously have had a chrome finish to them. Making the vehicle seem very futuristic. 


Final Thoughts

It may seem like a weird concept, a fully electric Maybach. But, measures need to be put in place for Maybach to stay on top of the auto game, and what better way than a collaboration with Mercedes’ very own fully-electric SUV already- the EQS. Both Mercedes groups have adopted each other’s best features in order to create a vehicle so spectacular. The question of EQS vs Maybach should have never been a thing in the car community. The question should have always been how can they work together to create the world’s best and most premium electric luxury SUV. Now finally, for the most important query of all. How much is the Mercedes Maybach EQS in the UK? It has been predicted to be in the 6-figure category and beyond, I.e £200,000+. Which is absolutely insane. This vehicle is expected to reach production in 2023 and we cannot wait to get our hands on this one! 

Thank you for reading this blog and if you are interested in learning about more concept cars, reviews on current cars, car features, or buying guides then head over to our NEWS page for more. Similarly, if you want us to try and source the Maybach EQS for you before release then get in CONTACT with us today and we will work tirelessly to get this done. 


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