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Maserati MC20: Debating Price, Interior, Engine and More…

24 January 2022

Maserati MC20 2021

When is the Maserati MC20 coming out you ask? I am pleased to inform you that the Maserati MC20 was released in the second quarter of 2021. Its price in the UK being a shy £187, 230. You may begin to wonder who could have designed such a premium-cost car? Well, Maserati has the same design director who designed the MC12 to come back and work on the M20. Klaus Busse. Bringing tradition, history, and style into this supercar. 


The MC20 was actually developed in just under 24 months. The Italian company that is Maserati took advantage of contemporary technology in order to produce a car in the 24-month time frame. They configured predictive tools, simulation, and modeling techniques within their innovation lab to help the company produce the car in the most efficient way with the most contemporary materials. The use of the elements has allowed the UK version of the MC20 to possess a freshness about it. 

Design Features and Aesthetics

Now let’s get to the fundamentals of the MC20. 


The stripping back of design within the car allows for the MC20 to form its own identity within the industry. Allowing for a calmer driving experience whilst also being able to perform at an extravagant standard. 


The technological ability of the MC20 is something that most supercars are including in their structural design. It features a fully digitalised interior. With next-gen interface – Cluster 10.2” R1 10.25” connected infotainment screen that has the ability for Alexa and/or Google smart assistant, wifi hotspot, and TIDAL streaming. You might have noticed that supercars include high-quality audio systems – we have seen this in the Corvette C8 also with its Bose stereo. Maserati needed to up its sound game to compete with its fellow contenders. The Sound on the Maserati is fuelled by a Sonus Faber high-premium audio system that certainly feels premium when inside the car.  As stated before, this car features an essentials-only interior therefore, each compartment serves a practical purpose. 

Drive Mode Specs

GT Mode

This mode is best for when out on the open road. This mode can be described as where performance and comfort meet due the mode allowing for fluid shifting and soft suspension. It is the car’s default driving mode and ideal for everyday driving. 

Sport Mode 

As you can predict, this mode is primarily for racing. It provides ‘track-ready thrills’. This mode has a combination of power and sport oriented traction. It’s suspension setting is a lot stiffer and provides fast and direct gear shifting. 

Corsa Mode 

This mode can be considered the most extreme experience when at the wheel of the MC20. It provides the driver with the maximum amount of power and is immediately available. There is fast gear shifting, acceleration, exhilaration and roar eruption. Traction control is reduced and the exhaust valves are constantly opened. When the MC20 is in Corsa Mode it activates launch control. This shows the Maserati MC20’s electric aspects as the launch control is an electronic aid to fully experience the MC20’s mobility. 

Wet Mode 

Lastly, the wet mode was specifically designed to help keep control of the MC20 when it’s raining, humid, or slippery. This mode works especially well when accelerating or cornering by limiting engine boost and activating all dynamic controls. 


Maserati MC20’s engine is a mid-engined, fast-forward Nettuno. MC20’s engine specs: 3.0-litretwin turbo six-cylinder, 90 degree V angle and dry sump, power output of 207bh per litre, and Formula One-grade prechamber combustion. With all this information you may be wondering ‘how fast can a Maserati go from 0-60?’ Well, Maserati have claimed that the MC20 can reach 0-63mph in 2.9seconds and a top speed of 203mph. Because of its Maserati Twin combustion preempts the traditional spark plug and creates the notorious bigger and more efficient burn.  

Nettuno Engine



One of the most significant elements about the car, if not the most significant, are the colours of the car and their inspirations. Busse and Maserati wanted to fill the car with elements of Italy and more specifically the origins of Modena – a city within Italy in which Maserati has its historic headquarters and where the innovation lab was built. 

  1. Nero Enigma 
    • Shiny and liquid-like Nero Enigma Maserati MC20
  2. Rosso Vincente 
    • Influenced by the colour of a volcano Rosso Vincente Maserati MC20
  3. Grigio Mistero 
    • Recalls the naked body of a car Grigio Mistero Maserati MC20
  4. Giallo Genio 
    • Historical 
    • Brings us back to Moderna Gallio Genio Mawserati MC20
  5. Bianco Audace 
    • Inspired by glaciers Bianco Audace Maserati MC20
  6. Blue Infinito 
    • Anodization concept 
    • Which is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish 
      • Anodizing is accomplished by immersing the aluminium into an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through the mediumBlue Infinito Maserarti MC20

MC20 Highlights

The MC20s specs/specifications are a major highlight and add to the cars personal identity: 

  1. Max Power 
    1. 630hp
  2. Max Speed 
    1. >325km/h
    2. 203mph
  3. Acceleration
    1. <2,9sec
  4. Engine Layout 
    1. V6
  5. Weight 
    1. <1500kg
  6. The top half of the car is design-oriented and the lower half is where aerodynamics have primacy 

The car was designed, created, and produced in just over two years thanks to the innovation lab. More impressively, 97% of the car’s development was done virtually. In the long run, enabling this 24-month goal for production. There are vortex generators at the front of the car, accompanied by a hump in the middle of the floor of the MC20 which helps to feed air to them before reconnecting with the chassis further along. Another spectacular highlight is the gear selection via a button on the centre of the console. But for me, personally, the most unique feature of this car that I feel as though it brings back the supercar, racing and Hollywood feel are the butterfly doors. Bringing this feature back The doors are hidden and do not disrupt the sculpted design of the car as they are hood and hatch releases. When the doors open up it can have you feeling like you’re in a retro early 1990s based film such as ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ or even to the extremes of owning ‘Bumblebee’ from Transformers, or to even remind you of more of a classic…. James Bond. 

But, why should you not buy a Maserati MC20? Well, the only downsides I could identify would be that it isn’t a practical car if you’re a family person due to its two-seat layout. Another issue for the everyday person would be the price. So if you have a couple hundred thousand spare, haven’t got any children and want to travel in style and efficiency then this is the car for you. 

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