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Import your car into Zimbabwe

Looking to purchase a new vehicle from the UK and have it shipped to Zimbabwe? Look no further than our vehicle supply and export services! We specialise in sourcing vehicles to meet your unique specifications.

We work directly with manufacturers and approved merchants to ensure that you get the vehicle you want at a competitive price. Our procurement services include everything from sourcing and procuring the vehicle to arranging for its protected conveyance to Zimbabwe.

If we don’t have the vehicle you are looking for in our current stock, we can leverage our extensive database to source it for you. We offer expedited shipping to Zimbabwe in either a 20 or 40-foot container, Shipping containers are large, strongly built metal boxes that are used to transport goods over long distances and are our most trusted method of transportation. RoRo (Roll On Roll Off) method, through a trusted logistics company. This is a cost-effective and convenient method where the vehicle is driven onto a shipping vessel and secured for transit.

Alternatively, if you need to ship personal items along with your vehicle or have a high-value vehicle (or if you just prefer another shipping method), we also offer container shipping options, and (if suitable), Air Freight.

We also specialise in exporting tax-free cars (brand new or VAT-qualifying used cars) so our Zimbabwe clients can make huge savings when purchasing a vehicle from us.

We understand that the process of shipping and exporting a vehicle can be daunting, but our expertise and experience make it stress-free. Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle supply and export services and let us help you ship your dream vehicle to Zimbabwe.


We offer a seamless process for exporting vehicles to Zimbabwe

Below is the breakdown for shipping your vehicle from our chosen destination of UK Port (we determine the best port to ship from depending on the location and chosen port that our end-customer chooses) to a serviced port of your choice in Zimbabwe.

You can collect the vehicle, OR using your local Zimbabwe agents, we can arrange for the clearance of your vehicle when it arrives at port.

Our Service includes:

Shipping between our chosen UK Port and a serviced port of your choice in ZimbabweUK Customs EntryZimbabwe Customs EntryMPi (MAF) inspection and clean (completed in UK)Zimbabwe Structural Border Inspection (completed in the UK)Full insurance cover while in our careDeliver to a compliance centre of your choice, local to the port of delivery in Zimbabwe

Any local taxes due are extra to the quote.

We are able to ship vehicles of all shapes and sizes, offering Ministry of Primary Industries clearance and Zimbabwe Transport Agency Structural Inspection clearance from all of our exit ports in the UK.

We arrange collection of the vehicle from the dealership directly to our UK Office. The vehicle is then inspected, photographed, and prepped for export. The vehicle is then loaded onto transport for delivery down to the port.

  • On arrival of your car at port, it will be photographed and a gate-in checklist survey completed, we will be emailed this report within 48 working hours.
  • Your car will be inspected to the Zimbabwe Ministry of Primary Industries biosecurity standards (no nasty surprises on arrival in Zimbabwe)
  • Your car will have its first preliminary structural check to Zimbabwe Transport Agency standards, by a specialist independent company
  • Once clear your car will be loaded into a secure container and pictures of your vehicle secured in the container will be sent to you to confirm the container number and vessel it will be loaded on.
  • On arrival in Zimbabwe, your vehicle will be delivered to the compliance centre of your choice.

Delivery to any of the following ports in Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls, Mutare, Hwange, Bulawayo, Bata, and Harare. 

  • Delivery of your vehicle to a compliance centre local to the port of entry
  • Customs entry UK
  • Ministry of Primary Industries bio hazard inspection and cleaning if required
  • Zimbabwe Transport Agency Structural Border Inspection
  • Full insurance cover while in our care
  • All UK clearances and handling