Porsche 718 – Cayman

The Porsche 718 Cayman!

The first big things that stand out with the latest standard Cayman model, are it’s Cheaper, it’s Faster, and it’s better to drive than the previous model. Porsche have improved this car in all areas.

After dropping the six – cylinder engine, Porsche have replaced with it a 2 Litre turbo Charged four – cylinder engine and despite the drop in cylinders, it’s still punches out 25bhp more than before, which is a impressive increase.

IMG_8881 IMG_8883

Obviously it’s not all about the engine with one of these, the aesthetics of a Porsche are key for the driver, and let’s just say…they haven’t missed a thing.

With sleek edges, and natural Porsche curves, the body of the Cayman is brilliant, designed to faster, more economical and a smoother drive, and it ticks all these boxes.

IMG_7983 IMG_8871

With a more precise driving experience from a expertly sensitive steering wheel, allowing for excellent grip through tight corners and with back wheel drive, the acceleration is undoubtably impressive, with 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds.

We had a Cayman in recently in Carrera White with a Black/Red combination leather interior. the cabin was so impressive, less about the gimmicks and gadgets and more about design and driver experience. The dash is simple, the wheel comfortable to grip, and with it being an automatic…the throttle response is worldly.

IMG_7410 IMG_8787

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