New Mercedes – Benz AMG E63s

New Mercedes Benz AMG E63s

This is on another level for saloon cars. Mercedes have released an AMG tuned version of its E-Class, and it will be giving a new definition to supersaloon cars. The new E63 sport model has a whopping 604bhp, 30 more than the original. With the possibility to reach a max speed of 186mph with the AMG drivers Pack.

This car is made to look like you live the luxury life, but you have that little fire inside to let go.

Mercedes have kept the exterior pretty close to the original e-class saloon models, though moving from a 5.5L twin Turbo V8 to confined 4:0 L pack, with a new standard 4matic four wheel drive motion across all models in this line.


The interior has been filled with carbon fibre over the dash and trims, accompanied by purple mood lights connecting throughout the interior of the car.

16c949_033 mercedes-e63-amg-08-1

Scheduled for release in January 2017, we can see this being a huge hit with our clients for exporting the Mercedes – Benz E63s.

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