New Jaguar I-Pace launching 2018

The all-new Jaguar I-Pace is one of the most important vehicles to emerge from the British car maker in its 80-year history. With Tesla and BMW already in the market with its “i” ranged cars. Jaguar have now stepped up the game and entered a new field of automotive  production and era. 

There is currently only one I-Pace in existence, which was purpose built for testing. Jaguar’s current model range, with a chunky, wide and a low and stylish hatchback.

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Sandy Boyes, one of the chief designers in the I-Pace project, tells us the car was the perfect opportunity for a “blank-sheet design”, both in aesthetic and engineering terms. “The electric powertrain gave us an opportunity to play with the proportions,” he says. “The cab-forward design is something genuinely different for us.” 

The concept is smaller than the F-Pace, but because of the space freed up by the lack of an engine, the wheelbase has been pushed out to nearly three metres. However, Jaguar claims that detail elements are still “very Jaguar”. Everything from the body surfacing to the tail-lights is inspired by the current range. Jaguar have decided to enter a new area of automotive creations, this is due to increased competition and the new generation of Hybrid and electrical motoring.

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