BMW Group to Launch 40 Cars by 2019

The BMW Group have targeted 40 new and updated models. The BMW Group include BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce. The main focus will be on the renewal of its SUV portfolio. The SUV market has been flooded with multiple number of carmakers and models, the German carmaker Mercedes claim the top spot for luxury car sales. This has enticed the BMW Group to act quick and compete for the top spot. 

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Chief executive Harald Kruger revealed at BMW’s annual press conference in Munich,

“We intend to launch more than 40 new and revised models of our three premium brands on the market during 2017 and 2018,” said Kruger. “The new product offensive began successfully with the launch of the new BMW 5 Series in February, further raising the bar in the business sedan segment.”

BMW have set a big target for themselves, by the end of the year the all new X2 SUV will be revealed, as the understand the all-new version of the X3 is also in the pipeline. By 2020 BMW X7 will be launched, this will be the flagship of BMW SUV’s -as the 7 Series luxury saloon sits on top of its range, so will the X7. One in three of all BMW models sold globally last year were SUVs. Therefore, BMW know what the market requirements are.

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Moreover, Rolls-Royce will also have some further expansions,  Rolls-Royce are set to  enter the SUV sector with an all-new Cullinan. New generation of Rolls-Royce Phantom’s are also to be introduced into the market by the lavish luxury carmakers.   

Chief executive Harald Kruger also confirmed that BMW would be going full steam ahead with a wider range from its unique electric fuelled technology, by revealing the electric technology will be introduced in a lot more products from its lineup. All electric powered versions of the MINI hatch and BMW X3 SUV will “mark the beginning of the second wave of electrification for the BMW Group,” quoted by Kruger. By 2021 BMW plan to launch the iNEXT, this new technology will be another level of autonomous technology, never seen on a car till date.

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