New BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series

The 5 Series has always been an underdog in recent years, battling with the rivals produced by Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar. However, with the new 7th generation 5 series on the way, it’s going to be a battle of the titans this 2017.

It’s the pinnacle of the finest technology and luxurious leather interior which will give any luxury limousine a run for their money, with BMW promising the 5 Series will rival them for comfort and quality. Although a large body car, BMW have stated the agile chassis will make the 5 series feel as easy to take corners as the much smaller 3 series.

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With previous years having the 5 series on the back foot, BMW have spared no cost and taken no risks with getting the design to convey a substantial elegant ride. Every detail has been enhanced and the it is clear from previous models that this is an Evolution to BMW to headline the race in luxury saloon cars.

dsc_4477dsc_4476There have been minor additions to the body of the 5 Series, with BMW adding 36mm to the length and 6mm to the width, both hardly noticeable in comparison to the previous model, though with additional curves embedded in the body, it helps to hide the bulk of the car.

Underneath the shell of the car, there have been extensive changes to lose weight off the car, making it 100kg lighter than its predecessor.

All the models in the new 5 Series range have the Driving Experience Control, giving you access to 3 different modes tailored to suit the conditions you’re driving in and what ever you feel like.


Part of the improvements and enhancements to the 5 Series include the latest infotainment system, which is embedded into a 10.25” screen mounted on the top of the dashboard. This being controlled by the signature rotary controller in the centre console.

The technology that really sets this 5 series aside from its rivals is the most advanced autonomous driving set up. This has the several functions and abilities to accelerate, brake and steer the car at speeds over 100mph. Though you do need to pay attention… you can’t nod off and expect it to not realise, it will remind you to stay awake.

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Overall we think BMW have produced a worthy competitor for saloon cars in todays market, and it’s already proven a massive hit with our clients.

Contact us now for prices and specs on all models in this Series.

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