New Audi A5 Cabriolet 2017 Review

If the Audi A5 is designed to be a more desirable alternative to an A4, then surely the convertible version is at the standard-bearer for that glamorous, showy image. The problem with the current A5 Cabriolet is that, despite a facelift a few years prior, it first went on sale a full nine years ago. To the fashion-conscious and technology obsessed modern motorist.

Positive development for the 2017 A5 Cabriolet, with a completely new system, a fresh new exterior look, an overhauled cabin and Audi’s latest range of punchy and fuel-sipping powertrains. In theory, it’s just the recipe to remind BMW and Mercedes that they can’t have it all their own way for too long in this game. We’re driving the drop-top A5 for the first time in its predicted best-selling form, the 2.0 TDI 190 diesel, to see if it delivers in reality.


The interior moves the game on in a much more obvious way. The dash is the same superbly built and cleanly laid-out affair as the hard-top A5’s, with, of course, the stunning Virtual Cockpit contrasting with the awkward-looking centre console screen. It remains the best cabin in this class in terms of usability and quality.

There are a couple of neat touches that are unique to the Cabriolet, including microphones in each front seatbelt to help make Bluetooth calls clearer with the top down, and an optional wind-deflector that stows away neatly beneath the boot floor. Audi has even borrowed the idea for Mercedes’ ‘Airscarf’ neck-heating system and offers its own version as an option for the A5.

The boot itself is a class-leading size, with Audi claiming 380-litres with the roof up and an impressive 320 litres with it down. Rear seat space is pretty good, too – legroom is markedly more generous than in the old A5 Cabrio, although headroom is limited compared with the coupe.

Audi makes a song and dance about the roof itself – a new, multi-layer job with multiple colour choices and acoustic panels to reduce wind noise. Our test in Spain was on a particularly windy day, so it’s difficult to reach a full conclusion on noise isolation, but the rustle only became intrusive at higher speeds.

audi_a5_1008 audi_a5_1005


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