Jeep Compass Review

This is something thats been in the pipelines for many years, its been a much anticipated vehicle. The new Compass will finally replace the formerly disastrous old Compass. As the current technology brinks and rises with great potential, we wouldn’t think bad cars are constructed and put together these days, thats exactly what the Jeep Compass expresses.

As the previous Jeep Compass was such a bad idea put together, the new replacement is a lot better thankfully. This mini Cherokee is a few inches smaller than the previous one. Its now available in front-wheel drive and multi-mode 4×4 versions. The new Compass is now being put together in four different countries like, China, Mexico, Brazil and India – and will  17 different powertrain options. In the UK, it will also be available with 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesel engines.

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The new Compass drives a lot better than the outgoing car. However, it is a long shot away from being exceptional. However, this vehicle does have a lot of purpose and usage on and off road. The nine-speed auto feels a lot better than the last Cherokee with the same gearbox, being a lot smoother in action and less frenetic. The handling is on the soft side, but secure enough to mop up jumps and hard cornering without complaints.

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