Infiniti QX50 Concept

Infiniti QX50 Concept

This is the latest SUV concept to be released from Infiniti, with these images being previewed at the Beijing Motor Show last year. Infiniti are set to use the 2017 Detroit Motor Show as their stage to unveil the new QX50 Concept car.

There isn’t much to give away as of yet with the specifications and overall look of the car, but from the most recent images, the car has began to take a less exaggerated shape than what was first seen in the concept drawings, with the sculptured sides and creases down each door being more defined and less deep.  qx50c_sketch_ext_front qx50c_sketch_ext_rear

There have been no interior images released yet, but Infiniti have announced that they have embedded their new semi autonomous driver replacement technology, which they have called ProPILOT. This will compete with other similar auto pilot features from Volvo and Tesla. Infiniti have pointed out that their system will not be a full driver replacement, but more of a co-pilot to the driver to assist in navigation and aid the driver, but the driver ultimately still has full control of the vehicle.


Check back soon for more details.

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