Ford Mustang – Fasback 5.0L V8 GT

The new Ford Mustang Fastback 5.0 V8 GT.

This is a big comeback from Ford from previous Mustangs, with the car still recognisable as a mustang but it’s what’s underneath the body that has revived the mustang model. The engineers have produced a new style chassis that has improved the handling from the previous model, which also delivers a more comfortable drive.

To no surprise, since UK sales began in 2015 of the Mustang, demand is high with it being the only V8 powered engine car in the UK that costs below 50k. With the Mustang ranging from 30-40k, beating its nearest competitor by 20k, and from my experience, you get much more for your money with the Mustang.

With there being a 2.3 Litre eco boost version of the mustang, the competition is much more limited, and it sits more on par with the 2.0 Audi TT. Both models have lots additions that are to really make your mustang stand out, with leather, climate control, a limited-slip diff, xenon lights and DAB radio all included. The only options are sat-nav, rear parking sensors, climate seats and a Custom Pack, which adds all of this and silver wheels, barely breaking the bank at £1800.

The 5.0 may not be the best economically, with it only reaching around 20mpg, but with a roaring V8, it’s what you can expect. This limits the range you’ll get out of your mustang to around an average of 270 miles. But if you’re looking at purchasing a Mustang, you won’t be put off by the running costs, the mere sound and look of the car is enough to keep heads turning everywhere you go, and outside the US, you won’t find many others.

The standard exterior Red is a big statement as it is, and when we first got our eyes on it, it was a jaw dropping experience, and the pure aesthetics of the car are just incredible. There are optional paint jobs that are available with the model, Triple Coat Yellow and Metallics, which include a vivid blue and a dark green. All options are available with black or white body stripes to get the real authentic American look.


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