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AutoExport - UK Car Exporters To Thailand

We supply new and utilised vehicles from our own stock or to a unique request taking into account your own particular detail evaluated in GB Pounds. Managing straightforwardly with the manufacturers or through approved merchants we organise everything from the vehicle's detail to its sheltered conveyance to Thailand. Since we arrange direct, we have the vehicle delivered to our UK office for inspection and photographs. We use reputable logistics companies to transport your vehicle to port to be loaded into the container. The container sizes range from 20ft to 40ft, dependent on the size of your vehicle. Photographs are taken of the vehicle being loaded into the container, which includes the wheels being fastened to the base of the container for solidarity. We can arrange vehicles particularly to your prerequisites from the manufacturers facility or you can request information regarding vehicles in our stock for quick conveyance. In the event that we don't have what you are searching for in our current stock we can look the industrial facility database and match your necessities. You can also use our car configurator to build a car to your specifications to get an instant quote with our AutoExport price. We offer competitive prices for all vehicles that we procure. Using reputable logistics and freight companies that we have excellent relations with, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

AutoExport are now Offering a seamless process for exporting Cars to Thailand

Below is the price for shipping your vehicle from Felixstowe UK to a serviced port of your choice in Thailand. Our Service includes:
  • Shipping between Felixstowe UK and a serviced port of exporting cars to your choice in Thailand
  • UK Customs entry
  • Thailand Customs entry
  • MPi (MAF) inspection and clean (completed in UK)
  • Thailand Structural Border Inspection (completed in the UK)
  • Full insurance cover while in our care
  • Deliver to a compliance centre of your choice, local to the port of delivery in Thailand
Any local taxes due are extra to the quote.

Shipping from the UK

We are able to ship vehicles of all shapes and sizes, offering Ministry of Primary Industries clearance and Thailand Transport Agency Structural Inspection clearance from both our exit ports of Southampton and Felixstowe. We offer shipping of the vehicle into either a 20ft or 40ft container. The container is the safest and most secure method of exporting the vehicle to Thailand.

What we do for our money

We arrange collection of the vehicle from the dealership directly to our UK Office. The vehicle is then inspected, photographed and prepped for export. The vehicle is then loaded on to transport for delivery down to port.
  • On arrival of your car at port, it will be photographed and a gate-in survey completed, we will be emailed this report within 48 working hours.
  • Your car will be inspected to Thailand Ministry of Primary Industries bio security standards (no nasty surprises on arrival in Thailand)
  • Your car will have its first preliminary structural check to Thailand Transport Agency standards, by a specialist independent company
  • Once clear your car will be loaded into a secure container and pictures of your vehicle secured in the container will be sent to you to confirm the container number and vessel it will be loaded on.
  • On arrival in Thailand your vehicle will be delivered to the compliance centre of your choice.

What We Include In Our Package

Delivery to any of the following ports in Thailand Port Laem Chabang Port Chongnonsri Marine Terminal Port Songkhla
  • Delivery of your vehicle to a compliance centre local to the port of entry
  • Customs entry UK
  • Ministry of Primary Industries bio hazard inspection and clean if required
  • Thailand Transport Agency Structural Border Inspection
  • Full insurance cover while in our care
  • All UK clearances and handling
Please contact sales@autoexport.co.uk if you require any further details.
We pride ourselves on our relationships with UK dealerships and the service we can offer our clients.

the AutoExport guarantee

We believe in delivering on our promises, and offering the best deals.

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