BMW ‘M’ Electric?

BMW M Electric?

Well, BMW are said to be preparing all electric models for their M series of cars. This will be a slow process to initiate, but BMW are set to bridge the gap initially with hybrid models first. This will however be aimed to boost performance rather than the efficiency of the vehicle unlike the ‘i’ series.

BMW have been utilising their technology from the ‘i’ series to integrate in to the ‘M’ series. Although, we know what you’re all thinking., it would be cool to have a hybrid of the 2. Unfortunately BMW have ruled this out, as much as we would all want one, BMW are going to keep the sub-brands separate, but instead the sub brands will assist one another in the development of new technology.

BMW-iM3 future-bmw-m-cars-will-turn-to-hybrid-technology-will-be-faster-104376_1

Above is what the iM model could have been like. But we think deep down, we would all prefer to see substantial improvements to both sub-brands of BMW.

Both have different morales and goals for BMW. With the M being all about better performance in motorsport, and i looking into the perfection of efficiency within motor vehicles.

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