BMW – 740Le Hybrid

The BMW 740Le

We have had a surge in orders for the BMW 740Le, so it was only right to do a little review on this model. Aside from the large outer-shell and light steering, the 7 series models may not be your cup of tea for exterior, but inside, if luxury, comfort and efficiency is what you’re looking for, then the 740Le Hybrid is for you.


In reality if you’re purchasing a 7 Series, you’re not looking at the 0-60mph, which for instance is a not too bad 5.4 seconds. But no, you’re looking at what comfort can this car offer you, and what you get for your money. Let us be the first to say, the car is packed with innovative technology and you’ll not be disappointed when you step inside.

IMG_6268 IMG_6271

If you’re looking to be the one in the back seat, spending the extra on the Executive Lounge in the rear will definitely enhance your experience; with massaging rear seats, and an entertainment package with 2 monitors and a tablet control in the centre, you couldn’t wish for more.


This car benefits as being a hybrid, keeping close watch on the emissions it produces, whilst also providing a luxurious lifestyle inside. This is made to make you loo good, and with it being one of our most popular sellers, the discounts are good right now.

So get in contact and get ordering!

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