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Jeep Compass Review

This is something thats been in the pipelines for many years, its been a much anticipated vehicle. The new Compass will finally replace the formerly disastrous old Compass. As the current technology brinks and rises with great potential, we wouldn’t think bad cars are constructed and put together these days, thats exactly what the Jeep Compass expresses.


New Audi RS5 Coupe Revealed

Audi have finally revealed its new A5 range at the Geneva Motor Show, the reveal of the  RS5 Coupe showcased aggressive RS styling, holding more torque and power than the old model and better efficiency. The RS5 reveal has directed Audi’s RS badged models to another concept and appearance. (more…)

New Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017

The new 2017 Mercedes E-Class made a great impression when it was launched last year, so we are expecting similar outcome with the all-new Coupe version – especially as it looks sleeker than ever. Also, with excellent improved features that the new saloon version. The E-Class Coupe was already an exceptionally good looking car, with elegant grand tourer-style looks. But this new model raises the bar. (more…)

New 2017 Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin look set to continue its offensive range of sports cars with the all-new Vantage, which could be launched later this year.  Aston Martins new Vantage is set to rival the new Porsche 911. Though, very different to the new DB11, the new Vantage has Aston Martin latest aluminium architecture. This will make all vehicles a lot lighter and a lot more faster. (more…)

New Mercedes X-Class Pick-Up Out in 2018

Mercedes-Benz have previewed the X-Class as a concept car. This will be the new entrant into the pickup section for Mercedes, making it the first premium brand pickup. It’s going to be launched under the Mercedes-Benz Vans brand, which gives n idea of the vehicle’s eventual positioning when it debuts in production form. This car would be positioned as a working vehicle, definitely a better appointed than most others in its class.


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