Audi S5 Cabriolet Review

This new Audi S5 Cabriolet joins the Sportback and Coupe as the final model of the Audi S5 range, and is purpose made to rival the Mercedes-AMG C 43 Cabriolet and BMW 440i Convertible. The Audi S5 is the ideal body type if you want a choice between quiet, relaxed drive when in convertible mode and an breathtaking driving experience when the roof is down.

Like the A5 Cabriolet the S5 sits on Audis MLB Evo platform, with reduction in weight but enlargement in size. The Audi S5 is around 40kg lighter – however it’s still 225kg more than the coupe, due to the added strengthening required by the removal of the roof. Audi claims it’s 40 per cent stiffer than before.

audi_s5_1005 audi_s5_1012

The extra weight on the coupe means the performance level reduces. Despite the 349bhp 3.0-litre turbocharged V6, 0-62mph takes 5.1 seconds, which makes it a little slower than the hard top. However, it would be very difficult to tell the difference as the power feels as just strong, 500Nm of torque helps the firing of the vehicle.

If the roof is down, your ears will get full sounding to the delightful V6 while the exhaust pops and bangs on the overrun. This is a key benefit of the drop-top over the coupe; as it adds a little bit of drama than the previous models. The S5 is available in petrol however, the torquey and smooth V6 diesel seems to be the better fit.

Moreover, the fabric soft-top folds quickly and can be operated at up to 31mph, the cabin remains smart and elegant as the build quality is first-class. The leg room in the S5 is good, as it has decent amount of space for four adults.

audi_s5_1006 audi_s5_1015

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